20 Jul 2021
SmokeMachine usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 18:08
japhb Welp, that's broken ... 18:17
SmokeMachine it seems there is a deprecated code on my test... 18:19
or is it on mi6 itself? 18:20
I've ran `mi6 test` on a different module and it showed the same message about deprecated code... 18:21
it seems to not be a Red's only problem... usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 18:23
japhb That seems pretty broken, yeah. Is that a current Zef? 19:28
SmokeMachine Yes… 19:29
github.com/ugexe/zef/issues/406 19:30
21 Jul 2021
usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 10:42
it seems to be working now... 10:43
japhb: ^^
ecocode Hi, is it correct that Red does not support MySQL ? 14:43
SmokeMachine ecocode: not yet, but I'm working on it: github.com/FCO/Red-Driver-MySQL 15:01
ecocode great ! 15:05
is that already testable ?
SmokeMachine I haven't written tests yet, so I haven't found the problems yet... 15:23
ecocode: so, if you'd like to try it out and open issues about what you found out, that would be very helpful... 15:24
ecocode: and please, let me know if you test it! 15:34
ecocode ok, I'll keep you informed if I do 15:35
japhb Confirmed, able to do a full from-scratch install again (including Red, of course) 20:00
SmokeMachine \o/
25 Jul 2021
japhb Gah, getting test failure installing Red on rakudo-moar-2021.07-1-ga14655a5c (the new release): 00:43
===> Testing: Red:ver<0.1.46>:auth<Fernando Correa de Oliveira>:api<2>
[Red] Use of Nil in numeric context
[Red] in block at /home/geoff/.zef/store/Red-0.1.46.tar.gz/Red-0.1.46/.precomp/EC234C690381F61CE500FFC22A5DB2CB8EFDB457/F2/F2E53992C6FFEDC5DC3B09E6E9D69BBEB965D56B line 1
[Red] # Failed test 'explicit .yyyy-mm-dd'
[Red] # at t/61-date-coercion.t line 20
[Red] # Failed test 'eq with Date RHS'
[Red] # at t/61-date-coercion.t line 21
[Red] # Failed test '== with Date RHS'
[Red] # at t/61-date-coercion.t line 22
[Red] # You failed 3 tests of 3
===> Testing [FAIL]: Red:ver<0.1.46>:auth<Fernando Correa de Oliveira>:api<2>
Aborting due to test failure: Red:ver<0.1.46>:auth<Fernando Correa de Oliveira>:api<2> (use --force-test to override)
lizmat hmmm... isn't Red tested with Blin? 12:15
26 Jul 2021
japhb Got same error on 32-bit ARM (Raspberry Pi 4B/4GB) Rakudo v2021.06-99-gb4d33982a. Just slightly older Rakudo (because the RPi is slow as snot), but otherwise identical errors. 00:55
5 Oct 2021
SmokeMachine patrickb: hi! Is that working better now? 14:58
patrickb SmokeMachine: Haven't had a chance to try it yet. Possibly tomorrow evening. Rather tight shedule atm... 15:28
SmokeMachine 👍 15:43
15 Oct 2021
lizmat is there a URL for general info about Red ? 14:42
fco.github.io/Red/ 14:44
SmokeMachine Hi lizmat ! Sorry for the delay! Yes I think that’s the best url for that! 23:43
lizmat: just because I’m curious: why? 23:44
16 Oct 2021
japhb SmokeMachine: She's working on logs.liz.nl, and I think in that case in particular the Browse > Overview menu item 00:15
9 Nov 2021
SmokeMachine Hi! I'm thinking about this PR (github.com/FCO/Red/pull/524/files) I think it will make it easier to users to use Red inside their projects, but I'd like to have a better way of doing that. I'd like to have a way of not making the user to write the EXPORT sub themselves, but I can't find how... Any idea? 10:38
20 Nov 2021
Any opinion? twitter.com/smokemachine/status/14...67776?s=20 04:10
1 Dec 2021
Flwz24375 好耶 04:48
hello 04:49
SmokeMachine .tell Flwz24375 hi! 08:32
lucaniolo ciao 11:26
SmokeMachine hi! 19:59