24 Sep 2022
ugexe github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/6a14c383...ig.json#L5 17:54
changing that to 'home' makes it install to 'home'. 'auto' installs to 'site' if it is writable, else 'home'
see: github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/6a14c383...kumod#L408 17:56
El_Che ugexe: If you don't take it as an insult, I would suggest refactoring the cli UI. One of the talks at raku conf described as a wall of text. 17:59
(if you don't take it as constructive criticism, I apologize)
ugexe yeah it sucks, but its a raku problem 18:00
El_Che a grant may provide you some time to work on that front?
Nemokosch well, it can be improved. Maybe not elegantly. 18:04
Confer GetOpt::Long and related attempts
ugexe i guess im more inclined to work on an area i have particular expertise in since i can know beforehand what is possible and the actual scope. i dont know enough about argument parsing to pick up that torch
Nemokosch that's fair enough 18:06
In fact, I suppose anybody with enough time and patience could improve the feedback of failed argument parsing 18:08
El_Che fair enough 18:34
ugexe another thing is using CUR::Staging which means things would only be precompiled once (currently it happens twice; once when testing when they are loaded with a CUR::FileSystem and once when it gets installed to a CUR::Installation). the problem with this is that 1) `zef test .` would need to reinstall the dist in `.` to the temp CUR::Staging repo each time (which also would re-precompile everything, 18:36
something that doesn't happen with CUR::FileSystem) and 2) CUR::Staging workflow doesn't work when installing to repos other than site/home/vendor (i.e. no custom install locations)
patrickb ugexe: I'd love to see you tackle the double precomp behavior. 19:15
tonyo ugexe: something like pyenv/venv? 20:16
tbrowder lizmat: i’m looking at yr Git::Status module seeking good practices. why do you use := here: “my $proc := run <…>, :out”? 20:18
and so on inside the block? anything to do with .precomp? 20:20
tonyo not sure if you saw last night tbrowder but i finally finished the cro tut deathbykeystroke.com/articles/2022...art-b.html 20:23
tbrowder tonyo: you da man! i need to look closer, but it looks like it’s the ultimate cookbook recipe for wannabe website hosts. you really should publish it as a Raku book, or at least part of one. 20:28
tonyo heh, i think it might make more of a pamphlet unless i add in stuff about how to set up DNS and all the other stuff to consider when choosing a host, etc 22:35
but, tyvm
25 Sep 2022
tbrowder lizmat: i don't know why, but the proc call didn't work without binding, ah the school of hard knocks once again proves its worth 09:42
lizmat tbrowder: I usually use binding to indicate something is more or less constant within its given scope
Nemokosch patrickb: Oh okay fair enough :D 11:59
oops wrong chat, talking about confusion 12:00
"why are there suddenly 172 members online in #raku-doc"
El_Che the doc sent them there? 12:05
"Go to #raku-doc and wait for further instructions." 12:06
tbrowder tonyo: a pamphlet is cool 14:51
Guest69 r: use foo:from<Perl5> 18:31
camelia Can't open perl script "/home/camelia/rakudo-j-inst/bin/eval-client.pl": No such file or directory
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Please install Inline::Perl5 for Perl 5 support.
at <tmp>:1
tbrowder .ask tonyo is it possible to use fez in a github workflow test? mine is failing, as expected, but a fake account for testing would be handy if it could be done securely. hm, maybe i should check its docs :-) 22:32
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to tonyo
ugexe tbrowder: what do you need a fake account for? 23:01
usually CI test apps have a way of encrypting secrets if you want to use an actual account
for instance: i pass github access token via github.com/ugexe/Raku-CompUnit--Re....yml#L5-L7 23:02
the token is encoded into the string you see there on appveyors site before its committed 23:03
tbrowder i don't use ci, just github workflows, but i can read some more and see if there is a way on github. in the meantime, i can mod the tests to elim problems. 23:31
oh, duh, i was thinking circleci 23:32
ah, this is why the xt dir is used, see App::Mi6 for one example 23:49
26 Sep 2022
that did it, moved the test needing a fez account to xt, it works locally with "mi6 test" by the workflow test doesn't test anything in xt--purrfect! 00:16
Geth ecosystem/main: ea0388f5ab | (Ahmad M. Zawawi)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Add Godot::Fun
ecosystem/main: dd6c20b3fa | (Ahmad M. Zawawi)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
P6 -> Raku URL changes
Nemokosch am I understanding right that the lowercase `rak` module is like the API version of the rak tool? 09:11
lizmat It's the "plumbing" module of App::Rak 09:15