12 May 2022
MasterDuke -c is really just (currently) a syntax check. i don't know if there's more planned to be done with it 18:49
Bscan🍺 Thanks! I think I was just surprised that another compilation step happened in between -c and code execution. 19:39
MasterDuke currently the optimizer also does some correctness checking. part of the current rakuast effort is to split that out into more well defined stages 19:40
Nemokosch rakuast always shows up 19:43
it's almost like an inside joke at this point 😄
Bscan🍺 Haha, thanks. I suppose my follow up question would be how to trigger the optimizer from nqp::getcomp. I'm building a language server (see marketplace.visualstudio.com/items...-navigator ) and using the parsing method from github.com/Raku/Raku-Parser which doesn't do the optimizer stage. Have you seen any examples of parsing with the optimizer? If I can squeeze out b 20:17
Nemokosch o.O very nice 20:21
MasterDuke you'd have to compile the code i believe
github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/mast...m6#L43-L72 might be relevant 20:22
or ping nine, lizmat, vrurg, etc over in #raku-dev 20:23
Bscan🍺 Thanks. I'll try to get it working this weekend, and then perhaps ping them for a quick code review. 20:42
16 May 2022
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/05/16/2022-20-439-468/ 14:54
Nemokosch so basically like 20:03
m: my @values = <av r ew t i h>; while @values.shift -> $current { dd $current, @values; } 20:05
camelia "av"
Array @values = ["r", "ew", "t", "i", "h"]
Array @values = ["ew", "t", "i", "h"]
Array @values = ["t", "i", "h"]
Array @values = ["i", "h"]
Array @values = ["h"]
Array @values = []
uzl[m] lizmat++ 20:43
Looking forward to the online Raku conference!
17 May 2022
samebchase lizmat: enjoyed reading the Weekly as usual. thanks 06:55
lizmat samebchase: you're welcome! 07:48
uzl[m] lizmat: The "Did you know...?" is a nice addendum 👍️ 13:36
Nemokosch m: say (1.76×10⁶⁷).narrow ~~ Int 17:38
camelia True
Nemokosch Oh by the way, my question from yesterday still holds ^^ about iterating arrays with ($current, @rest) pairs 17:41
18 May 2022
CIAvash I don't see your question, only "so basically like" and your code 04:42
Nemokosch wakey wakey 07:44
well the bridge does work so I see no reason why you couldn't see it 07:45
I only tend to join from the IRC side when I want to execute some code, besides that, it only has obvious drawbacks compared to discord 07:46
I mean, when I join from this kiwi client, I see no previous messages, literally 07:47
CIAvash Well I prefer Matrix+Element and there is no problem with executing code with IRC bridge 09:18
irclogs.raku.org/raku-beginner/2022...20:03-0001 09:21
Nemokosch On Discord, there is, just like apparently there is with the messages as well 10:01
it's just I use discord and I see no advantage of using the IRC other than reaching out to you guys
this is coupled with a good set of disadvantages 10:03
Nemokosch Uploaded file: uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/84b08a0a...C3%A9p.png
CIAvash I don't use IRC directly either, I'm talking from Matrix 10:05
Nemokosch Apparently there is a discord bridge for Matrix 😛 10:13
CIAvash m: while @values.skip($++) -> ($current, *@rest) { dd $current, @rest } 10:42
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '@values' is not declared. Did you mean '&values'?
at <tmp>:1
------> while ⏏@values.skip($++) -> ($current, *@rest)
CIAvash m: my @values = <av r ew t i h>; while @values.skip($++) -> ($current, *@rest) { dd $current, @rest } 10:43
camelia "av"
["r", "ew", "t", "i", "h"]
["ew", "t", "i", "h"]
["t", "i", "h"]
["i", "h"]
Nemokosch I'm still frightened by this $++ haha 11:42
19 May 2022
it took some time until this has become relevant again 10:24
and I have to say no, it doesn't help
The trick in your example is that you do know that you want to match 'Raku' so it's a bit like "what has four legs, is a table and not a chair" 10:25
in the current case, I'd like to match _anything_ that contains 'executable' but is not preceded by the word 'text' 10:27
in fact a simple <!after 'text'> should do in this case but it doesn't help for some reason 10:29
okay I think I found my mistake 10:31
anyway, it doesn't change the fact that the given example didn't really demonstrate how to match "neither this nor that" 😅
gfldex <@297037173541175296> I believe you have conclusively proven that I am not Moritz. :-> 19:34
Nemokosch 😅 19:35
Δd Meliora Raku is great lang 21:32
I love it 21:33
Although I'm absolutely new