17 Feb 2022
lizmat there's one pure gist one, as a demo really 23:28
well... if we would have anybody on bitbucket wanting to do modules on p6c... it could be supportd
the module doing that is Ecosystem::Archive::Update
anyways, lemme know if you have any questions /suggestions / comments 23:29
it's time for some sleep here&
JRaspass yeah ill try and find some time to play with it, ditto
lizmat if you wanna play: the Ecosystem module also comes with a CLI called "ecosystem" 23:30
21 Feb 2022
JRaspass: OOC, on the module page, the time since last upload (e.g. "7 hours ago" for Inline::Perl5 atm), do you have a library for that ? 15:36
JRaspass lizmat: for cpan its the modified time of the tarball (rsync will preserve), for zef its the last modified header, for the p6c we get it by querying github/lab over graphql for the time of the last commit. 17:27
lizmat I meant: how do you convert from seconds to "7 hours ago" :-) 17:28
JRaspass oh i see, yep, i want to upstream that, it's gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/b...ve.rakumod
that's part of the reason i create the raku-land zef org, to upstream some of this 17:29
and we add title text in the current timezone with js - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/b.../common.js
lizmat ah, I see: so you're defaulting to a date if more than a day ago 17:30
JRaspass it goes to a date when its >28 days 17:31
lizmat ah, indeed
JRaspass the monkey patching is a little evil, i wish there was a better way to add vmethods/filters to the template 17:32
lizmat well, I'm thinking with the way new-disp works, you should be able to have a lexical method augmenting DateTime, without needing to augment the global DateTime
actually, come to think of it: 17:33
JRaspass then i would need to augment each dt in each row in each route?
lizmat class DateTime is DateTime { method relative() ... }
as long as the DateTime objects are created in that lexical scope, that should work 17:34
but I guess that's a hassle as well
JRaspass yep, that's why i went with the global, id rather have it just scoped to cro templates if possible
i do even more evil things like adding a comma method to Int :-P 17:35
lizmat mL class DateTime is DateTime { method foo() { dd } }; dd DateTime.now.foo
m: class DateTime is DateTime { method foo() { dd } }; dd DateTime.now.foo
22 Feb 2022
tonyo RL is totally off of the stats/meta db connections and is consuming from 360.zef.pm, yea? 18:54
i'm moving the DB and want to ensure RL isn't going to malfunction afterwards 18:56
JRaspass yep, should be fine 19:05
tonyo cool 19:34
aws is nickel and diming me to death
2 Mar 2022
lizmat JRaspass: looks like raku.land is down ? 14:17
JRaspass hmm yeah, i can't even ssh, interesting... 14:25
hmm it's back 14:26
nothing weird in the logs 14:28
i wonder if i ran out of ram
tonyo is it a container? 17:08
JRaspass yep, looks like the cro webapp leaks over time :-( 23:17
3 Mar 2022
tonyo not super surprising 00:16
JRaspass graph of RAM over time, you can see the hourly spikes for re-index and the gradual growth otherwise :-( convos.popsi.cl/file/2/SF896g5KsrjjnAFG 09:43
It's a 2 gig box 09:44
15 Mar 2022
lizmat JRaspass: OOC, is there a reason why the "Runtime dependencies" isn't clickable ? 12:25
JRaspass as in hyperlinks? lack of tuits, it's definitely planned 13:51
lizmat ah, ok :-) 13:54
10 May 2022
melezhik Hi rakuland devs! SparkyCI badges are not rendered on a module README page - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/31 22:43
HTH 22:45
11 May 2022
. 02:41
JRaspass I wrote a reply on the issue, it's the lack of https on the images 14:13