12 Dec 2022
lizmat duplicity is caused by the authors not removing their older versions of a module from p6c / cpan respectively 11:29
if I notice duplicity with a p6c module, I remove it from the p6c ecosystem
I cannot do that for modules on CPAN, the module authors need to do that
15 Dec 2022
melezhik hi devs, raku.land/zef:antononcube/JavaScripdt::D3 now gives 500 internal server error, HTH 17:56
JRaspass So it does, let me look into it 18:44
oh it's the javascript: prefix, cro thinks its an xss attack! 18:45
i'll file and issue and look into fixes at the weekend, ta 18:46
42, great number - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/42 18:47
melezhik: raku.land/zef:antononcube/JavaScripdt::D3 is now fixed, and gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/42 closed 21:18
18 Dec 2022
tbrowder lizmat: i understand, but good luck. however, shouldn't raku.land should be able to 13:31
take care of eliminating the double listing? (pls forgive ff) 13:32
lizmat no, because they *are* different identities 20:05
one would need to start keeping a list of alternate identities 20:06
in any case, the problem will solve itself over time
19 Dec 2022
tonyo it'd help if the `supercedes` bits were implemented. (they may be but i haven't looked in a while) 19:22
lizmat they're not 20:19
mostly because of lack of exact semantics, really
2 Jan 2023
there's something weird going on with Pakku on raku.land 11:17
modules.raku.org/search/?q=Pakku lists Pakku
raku.land/?q=Pakku does not 11:18
I wonder if it has something to do with the non-numeric version 11:25
JRaspass Yeah we're failing to index that dist at present: "/cache/github/hythm7/Pakku/main: new row for relation "dists" violates check constraint "dists_version_check"" 17:55
Assuming weird versions are valid then I need to improve the logic, sorting versions is hard! 17:56
lizmat don't we know it! :-) 18:25
JRaspass while you're at it, :api should probably be as loosely typed 18:27
3 Jan 2023
JRaspass What I don't get about Pakku is in what way is version "ava-1" newer than "papa"? Version.new("ava-1") > Version.new("pupa")' returns false since I suspect its just alphabetical with no number parts. So I don't know how to support weird versions like this. If Pakku was on zef would zef even allow such a version "number"? 17:28
lizmat good question 18:01
4 Jan 2023
hythm for version 'ava-1', my reasoning is I want to have a version system similar to the one Raku uses 6.c, 6.d ... but instead of using the number first and alphabieical last, I want to use the alphabetical first and number last. new minor version would be (increment the number part) ava-2, ava-3 ..., new major version would be (increment the 20:39
alphabetical part, chose a butterfly name starting with "b"), for example "brimstone-1", next major version (a butter fly name starting with "c", and so on.
for version `pup` I would like to get rid of it from the ecosystem if possible, since I was trying different approaches and making a lot of changes, I was not considering it a stable version. 20:40
`pupa`* 20:41
JRaspass ah okay, if its expected to go alphabetically then i think that'll work, i just need to expand my version logic to handle non numeric sections 21:20
would be nice to get it onto zef though in the future then you can actually have releases rather than everything comes from master 21:21
hythm yes I plan to move it to fez soon 21:24
JRaspass I've filed a tracking issue on RL, thanks for answering my questions hythm - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/43 21:30
hythm Thank you 21:39
5 Jan 2023
tonyo zef eco treats the version as strings, should work okay 03:03
and it coalesces(ver, vers, version) to figure it out from the META 03:04
6 Jan 2023
melezhik hi RL devs. I would like to get a feedback on this - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/44 , thanks! 17:36
18 Jan 2023
Hi! Out of curiosity. Why this module raku.land/github:atweiden/Sustenance keeps appearing in the recent updates in Raku land with the same 0.0.1 version ? 01:35
Seems to github.com/atweiden/sustenance it indeed has real changes however version is not bumped . Maybe this a fez issue ? Or it is legit ? To upload to zef without version change ? 01:37
lizmat that's the problem: it is *not* uploaded to zef, it only exists in p6c 09:02
Nemokosch there are still some low-hanging distros in p6c but slowly I suppose it's time to at least turn it off by default in zef 09:32
lizmat it *is* turned off by default in zef 09:44
the default is --zef --rea
Nemokosch ohh 09:47
well, rea does contain those distributions as "first-class citizens" though, doesn't it
what I was thinking of is a way to apply pressure 09:48
lizmat well... the simplest way to apply pressure, would be to remove the offending distributions from p6c 09:53
it would still be installable through the rea
Nemokosch that would probably still help (somewhat) with this ever-popping release 09:56
lizmat I think raku.land should actually check for an actual version bump, and ignore if there is none 10:09
it's what I do for the weekly list manually every week :-) 10:10