24 Sep 2021
lizmat I'll keep monitoring raku.land/zef:tony-o and see if any disappear from the 40 that are on there now 15:58
tonyo you removed them? 16:17
lizmat tonyo: yes 16:31
12 Oct 2021
p6steve hi folks - I am stuck with zef install Inline::Perl5 on macos 17:33
% zef --verbose install Inline::Perl5
===> Searching for: Inline::Perl5
===> Found: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.56>:auth<github:niner> [via Zef::Repository::Ecosystems<cpan>]
===> Searching for missing dependencies: perl:from<native>, Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON:ver<0.6+>
===> Failed to find dependencies: perl:from<native>
Failed to resolve some missing dependencies (use e.g. --exclude="perl" to skip)
please can anyone give me a hint?
lizmat add --exclude="perl" :-) 17:34
p6steve lizmat - yes that did the trick ... perhaps I should actually read the error message next time ;-) 17:35
lizmat p6steve: fwiw, been there, done exactly the same as you
23 Oct 2021
JRaspass RL is now running on new-disp aka 2021.10 :tada: Fantastic work 22:02
31 Oct 2021
lizmat JRaspass: searching for modules that are provided by distributions does not seem to work 21:37
e.g. raku.land/?q=Zef%3A%3AInstall
and github.com/ugexe/zef/blob/master/META6.json#L21 21:38
perhaps the new Ecosystem::Archive module with the REA repo as source, could be helpful :-) 21:39
JRaspass I'm fairly sure we're only indexing dist name, not modules, classes, roles, etc. This seems to match mro? modules.raku.org/search/?q=zef%3A%3Ainstall , I can see how that would be useful but I'm unsure of what of the UI/UX should look like 21:54
5 Nov 2021
p6steve hi - I am attempting to replicate jj's alpine-raku on M1 ARM 18:12
all seems good until it fails with this 18:13
#8 243.7 +++ Creating Raku executable alias
#8 243.7 +++ Rakudo installed succesfully!
#8 243.7
#8 243.7 Rakudo has been built and installed.
#8 243.8 Version moar-2021.04 is broken. Refusing to switch to it.
so ... my question is "is moarvm likely to work on M1 (if so, any pointers), or I am the wrong side of a big porting effort?" 18:14
[merelo] 18:15
melezhik I've just added shortcuts support for raku.land and github http links to mybfio comments - mybf.io/project/mybfio/reviews#mel...1636123442 19:27
8 Nov 2021
tonyo there is a plan for fez to be able to do searching and recommendation handling, re: searching for modules that are provided by distributions does not seem to work 23:08
the intent is to make it easier for zef to get all the info it needs in one request instead of being required to maintain a local copy of dists 23:09
but it could be used for something like RL 23:10
lizmat have you looked at github.lizmat/REA ? 23:29
tonyo i've seen it, yea. this is more for the purpose of finding modules and getting all of the dependency resolution from one endpoint 23:47
with that comes fuzzy matching stuff, i've had good luck with apache solr
lizmat Isee 23:48
9 Nov 2021
tonyo lizmat: the cpan note is kind of alarming in that archive, is it fixed in the .tar.gz's META or just in the name of the file? 00:01
lizmat cpan note ? 00:02
tonyo github.com/lizmat/REA#note-on-cpan-ecosystem
if it's the former then it'll cause issues with people installing from that REA because version specific `use` will fail to find the backpan'd module 00:03
lizmat well, yes... 00:05
my argument for the correction is, is that it corrects an error that couldn't be corrected on CPAN itself
2. people wanting to use that module *now* either have not used an auth specific use statement to begin with 00:06
3. and if they really want to use that module, they'd need to fix the use statement, or we should implement supersedes somehow
lizmat goes afk for some shuteye& 00:08
tonyo i do agree with the supercedes thing, that problem will be interesting 04:11
10 Nov 2021
hope to finish up the group stuff for fez this friday 01:07
26 Nov 2021
lizmat JRaspass: any idea why Bailador is in there twice? raku.land/?q=Bailador 13:38
I can only see it once in the old ecosystem ?
ah, it's also on cpan:UFOBAT 13:39
JRaspass only sees it once, I take it you removed one of them? Maybe I need add some kind of log 😂 16:48
lizmat yeah, removed it :) 16:50