15 Mar 2022
lizmat ah, ok :-) 13:54
10 May 2022
melezhik Hi rakuland devs! SparkyCI badges are not rendered on a module README page - gitlab.com/raku-land/raku-land/-/issues/31 22:43
HTH 22:45
11 May 2022
. 02:41
JRaspass I wrote a reply on the issue, it's the lack of https on the images 14:13
7 Jun 2022
xcanehan hello ! 14:07
There is something strange about raku.land/?q=pretty%3A%3Atable : 2 versions, but only one gitlab repository 14:10
tonyo xcanehan: those have different authors 14:38
xcanehan yes Tonyo. Still, the listed repo is the same and tag 0.0.4 is unavailable. 14:41
I thought I could point this little inconsistancy in this canal. I may be wrong, no worries. 14:43
tonyo one of those is showing for me as 0.0.2 and the other 0.0.4 15:12
either way, it's a flaw in the cpan eco where auth isn't verified and raku considers that bit when determining if the dist is different
10 Jul 2022
lizmat hmmm looks like the search function cannot find distributions that consist of 1 or 2 letters? case in point: _ and if 21:59
11 Jul 2022
JRaspass yeah there's an open issue, i need to have a look at it 12:09
lizmat if you're using the database as a search engine, than it is probably a limitation of that
lizmat is reminded of having similar issues with MySQL
just try looking for a hotel in "As" on booking.com 12:12
it doesn't know about it
yet there's a hotel there: www.booking.com/hotel/be/hosteller...rdaga.html 12:13
JRaspass i am but postgres claims good fts support so im sure it can be tweaked 12:20
12 Jul 2022
Ah I guess the "as" example is where it clashes with a stop word, we'll have that issue too, not sure if we can override pg's list of stop words 06:23
tonyo Is that not escapable? 22:51
19 Jul 2022
lizmat JRaspass: are you aware of the discussion at github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/330 ? 16:30
any thoughts?
JRaspass I am, but until literally this hour I've been on holiday in Scotland. I'm planning to add some of the missing features in the near future, like author search. In general I'm happy for more focus and attention to RL but I agree it needs work 19:46
in terms of things like renaming/rebranding, not sure how i feel, i'll note that metacpan replaced cpan without doing either of those steps, just the redirect from old to new 19:47
lizmat JRaspass: well... add your comments to the discussion as soon as you're ready! 19:49
or not :-) 19:50
JRaspass will do, currently opening doors, windows, and watering wilted plants 😂
commented/brain dumped on the issue 20:27
lizmat thanks! 20:35
20 Jul 2022
CIAvash An easier and more detailed contributing guideline would probably help people who would like to contribute. Specially the "Populating the database section", maybe it would also be nice if there were fake dist fixture, instead of downloading modules, If I've understood things correctly. 08:17
jjatria I like that, and it shouldn't be so hard to do. Could be a set of fake dists or maybe some subset of the existing ones. Most of the time, you only need a handful to make sure you didn't break anything 09:57
18 Aug 2022
JRaspass We now have a dark mode, many thanks @CIAvash 20:16
30 Aug 2022
tonyo JRaspass: do you have somewhere that if i went through the effort of integrating solr we could run that container or software? 16:49
1 Sep 2022
JRaspass Sorry tonyo I didn't see your message, I appreciate the offer but I'm really not sure I want to go down that route. I've used solr at $work before and I know it works well but from an ops PoV I'd rather not run an additional complication. Things like not being able to update it in the same transaction as the db make it a little sticky imo. I also believe with enough tweaking that postgres can be good enough, I just lack the time atm. 19:18
2 Sep 2022
jjatria JRaspass does the ops on this, so it's ultimately his call, but I think I agree: our search needs are still relatively basic, and I find there's plenty of other work that I'd rather see us make progress on first (code rendering, POD rendering, module indexing, etc). I'm not necessarily opposed to it, I just don't think it's justified for now 08:38
JRaspass Does anyone know how m.r.o did it's search? I've not looked, because I guess all we're shooting for for now is feature parity or greater so we can maybe talk about migration efforts 08:40
tonyo mro? 15:43
JRaspass modules.raku.org 19:25
20 Sep 2022
lizmat just a thought: do you know if the Github API allows a site such as raku.land add a star to a distribution somehow? 09:11
provide they have Github credentials, of course 09:12
similar for Gitlab etc.
JRaspass The V3 API defo can (the JSON, non graphql one) - PUT /user/starred/:owner/:repo - stackoverflow.com/questions/118556...tar-in-api 11:08
Would be a bit weird in the RL sense though, I don't think it has a github account exactly 11:09
Unless you mean doing it on behalf of a user? Maybe if we had oauth login via github
lizmat on behalf of a user, indeed :-) 11:10
JRaspass I suspect we'd do it at the site level if/when we did it, so it's source forge agnostic, like how metacpan does it
But yeah the site could conceivably be r/w and not just r/o, it's why I went with pg even though sqlite would've sufficed. 11:11
lizmat it was just a thought, because raku.land shows the number of stars rather prominently :-) 11:13
JRaspass True, it does put stuff like source hut at a disadvantage 11:14
Or any fools using SVN :-P
Not sure I would want to grant a website the ability to star repos for me but maybe that's just me 11:15