23 Sep 2022
lizmat you mean rakudo/rakudo and raku/nqp ? 14:14
patrickb: afaics, it is already limited to rakudo/rakudo and raku/nqp 14:18
[Coke] I read his send as rakudo&nqp, aye. 14:23
patrickb OK. Then it's already fine in those two repos / projects. 14:31
So MoarVM/MoarVM is left. 14:32
lizmat patrickb: I don't have sufficient rights for that, I think only jnthn does 14:34
jnthn patrickb: Wehre should I find the installation request? I don't see it 14:58
patrickb I don't know. lizmat: Where have you seen the request? 16:09
lizmat in my mail box
jnthn I saw requests for Raku and rakudo orgs in my mailbox, but not a MoarVM one
lizmat Subject: [Github] RakudoCIBot is requesting updated permissions 16:10
patrickb Ah, then I'll see if I can re-do the MoarVM request. 16:13
Maybe I have just re done a request... 16:14
jnthn Think it's approved 16:22
patrickb Looks good on my side as well. Thanks! 16:29
jnthn Welcome :) 17:14
MasterDuke interesting, for all the nqp::is(lt|le|gt|ge)_ there are _i, _I, _n, and _s variants. but for nqp::is(eq|ne)_ there's only _i, _I, _n 18:13
tellable6 2022-09-22T06:51:08Z #moarvm <nine> MasterDuke: yes it is
MasterDuke doh. ignore that 18:17
24 Sep 2022
dogbert11 m: say "It's very silent in here" 13:42
camelia It's very silent in here
.oO( but some people listen )
dogbert11 hi lizmat :)
lizmat dogbert11 o/
dogbert11 anything interesting going on? 14:11
lizmat Kaiepi is overhauling the List.STORE implementation, with quite a number of nice results 14:12
on MoarVM: I'm trying to get the courage together to implement _u variants such as gt_u, lt_u etc. 14:13
dogbert11 sounds scary :) 14:15
lizmat yeah... 14:16
dogbert11 are nine, timo and MasterDuke on vacation :)
I tried to replicate the bug reported by vrurg here, github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/issues/1718, with mixed results 14:19
at first I failed to do that but as soon as I rebuilt rakudo it SEGV's consistently 14:21
my stack traces are consistent by not the same as vrurgs 14:22
for me it's always like this:
#0 0x0000000000000000 in ?? () 14:23
#1 0x00007ffff78fc267 in repossess (tc=0x55555555a210, reader=0x55555e4adb20, i=1, repo_conflicts=0x55555e0cae68, type=0) at src/6model/serialization.c:2982
#2 0x00007ffff78fca8b in MVM_serialization_deserialize (tc=0x55555555a210, sc=0x55555e1e77e0, string_heap=0x5555555cd6b0, codes_static=0x555555648530, repo_conflicts=0x55555e0cae68, data=0x0)
at src/6model/serialization.c:3162
now the following is enough for a SEGV: MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 rakudo -e 'use LibXML::Raw' 14:24
lizmat MasterDuke was moving house, and was online again recently 14:29
nine is either on vacation or very busy
and timo is also very busy, I think 14:30
I know jnthn is as well :-)
MasterDuke lizmat: i could probably add those new ops in the next couple days if you don't feel like it 21:18
lizmat MasterDuke: yes, please! :-) 21:37
25 Sep 2022
MasterDuke: if you could do the nqp::ops, I will integrate them into Rakudo core, is that a deal? 17:51
MasterDuke sure 20:21
26 Sep 2022
well, i have eq, ne, lt, le, gt, ge seemingly working fine, but when i add cmp_u then cpm_i starts acting up 02:21
no idea why. but i'll have to take a look at it tomorrow
Nicholas good *, * 05:56
nine good week! 06:33