16 Aug 2021
nine lizmat: I've just read the threads you linked to. Please try to avoid any words or phrases that make the CAT or RSC actions with regards to tyil or mst sound like legal actions, verdicts or sentences. They are not and they cannot be. 18:37
If they were, the questions/remarks about legal recurse or due process would have merit and we're not prepared to deal with those. 18:38
All we did was taking action to protect the community from harm. 18:39
lizmat Noted! 20:02
OOC, what was it that triggered you to let me know?
"As far as the Raku CAT is concerned, he is now serving his "sentence" of being banned, until Jan 1st, 2022." ?? 20:10
nine Actually I started getting nervous at "For which the Raku CAT team has banned him", which reads like we've penalized him. This got amplified by what you just quoted which very much sounds like penal action, despite the quotes. And got confirmed by the answer to this. 20:12
I'd have phrased the first part as "Because of which the Raku CAT team has banned him", which implies causal relationship without making him the explicit target of the action. 20:13
Admittedly a subtle difference
lizmat indeed 20:14
anyways, I will keep that in mind in the future... can't edit or remove the comment anymore
2 Oct 2021
Geth Raku-Steering-Council: vrurg++ created pull request #45:
Added 'Call For Volunteers' announcement
4 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021
monochromec Hi! Who's the right person to contact as a dev advocate or community liaison for Raku? 08:05
10 Oct 2021
tbrowder i suggest lizmat 18:36
or jmerelo
or codesections
15 Oct 2021
lizmat [17:05:59] <[Coke]>RSC (lizmat/codesections et al.) github.com/Raku/examples/issues/82...-944343475 15:07
[17:06:30] <[Coke]>Altai-man's point there sounds like the RSC might want to opine on examples.raku.org now that we have an RSC.
17 Oct 2021
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22 Oct 2021
lizmat fosdem.org/2022/news/2021-10-22-fo...line-2022/ 11:56
30 Oct 2021
japhb When is the next YAS board meeting scheduled? 22:00
More importantly, is it schedule for before or after the next RSC meeting?
codesections: ^^
2 Nov 2021
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4 Nov 2021
japhb I can't respond to the RSC email thread because of spam blocks, but I'm in general agreement with lizmat on the junction smart matching. 22:19
2 Dec 2021
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japhb Huh, I wonder what the 11-13 one just showed up? Well, whatever, they're both there now. 04:54