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samebchase Hi, I have a Red model, in which a column is of the Json type, and can be null in some situations. When I fetch the rows, I get the "Use of uninitialized value element of type Any in string context." message printed on the console, seems to be coming from github.com/FCO/Red/blob/master/lib...son.pm6#L5 where from-json is called on a 17:06
Nil value. What can I do here, to prevent this from being printed. I'm trying various default values, but no luck so far.
My code is similar to gist.github.com/samebchase/3b519f4...346bc8f294
lizmat It's not very busy here, but SmokeMachine hangs out here... :-) 17:10
SmokeMachine samebchase: Sorry, I'll have to take a look at it later today, after day job 17:15
samebchase: could you share how are you using that model to get that error, please? 17:16
samebchase I can share the full code with you on email 17:17
Turns out, its github.com/FCO/Red/issues/438 still happening on latest Raku and latest Red (unless I am doing something horribly wrong)
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samebchase Okay, I have been able to reproduce it, let me share a gist here 17:35
gist.github.com/samebchase/48107b4...1bb4520fdf 17:38
It happens when a JSON field has a nested field which is NULL. 17:39
Here I was thinking it happens when the entire JSON field itself is NULL
, but this happens on nested fields.
This is PG, btw
SmokeMachine does that work on SQLite as well? 17:41
I mean: does that happens on SQLite as well?
*happen sorry 17:42
just reproduced! usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/.../image.png 18:09
samebchase: I finally fixed that! sorry for the delay! 21:38