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Set by lizmat on 25 August 2021.
Xliff I don't think zef buffers or is compatible with programs like less 00:00
Why are you trying to page --help?
coleman: Yeah, --help outputs to STDERR, which isn't what less uses to pagte. 00:01
Try doing this: "zef --help 2>&1 | less" 00:02
coleman stderr, gotcha
is that a perlism? most programs print help to stdout 00:04
i needed a pager becuase i was in a wee terminal window :)
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moon-child I think it's fairly common to output help to stderr 00:12
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whaaat hello 04:09
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moritz btw since bash 4 you can write "zef --help |& less" 06:33
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nine moritz: nice! 08:33
Nemokosch what does it do exactly? 08:34
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nine From bash(1): "If |& is used, command's standard error, in addition to its standard output, is connected to command2's standard input through the pipe; it is shorthand for 2>&1 |." 08:35
Nemokosch quite peculiar syntax ngl 08:37
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/05/30/2022-...-timeline/ 12:49
synthmeat lizmat: i don't care much about this but just a bit of unsolicited feedback - i liked previous (newsletter) styling better! it was a beaut. 12:51
lizmat hmmm... previous week? I don't think I change the styling? 12:52
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synthmeat lizmat: [2022.16/7, *> 13:17
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lizmat I don't see a difference in styling? 13:19
synthmeat: what are you reading it on? 13:24
Anton Antonov @lizmat Thanks for the "Complete Timeline" ! 13:30
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guifa o/ 13:51
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synthmeat lizmat: gmail app on ios, and mail app on macos. both the same. i'll query you two dropbox links before and after screenshots 14:11
lizmat aahh... so it's in the mail version of the weekly... 14:12
weird... I see what you mean now 14:13
I guess I will need to take a subscription to my own blog to monitor that 14:14
synthmeat yay, communication successful! 14:15
synthmeat goes back to handling a ddos
lizmat good luck! 14:17
synthmeat no luck needed! www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLo-NZBLkr8 14:19
tbrowder El_Che: hi, just installed rakudo_pkg on a new debian host and got a /etc/profile.d/rakudo-pkg.sh with a different path to zef than was actually installed 14:27
actual zef location: /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/site/bin/zef 14:31
rakudo-pkg.sh path: /opt/rakudo-pkg/share/perl6/bin 14:36
i just looked at another, older host and same thing 14:38
maybe i messed up the curl incantation... 14:39
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kiti_nomad[m] what is zef called in ubuntu? 14:59
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kiti_nomad[m] uploaded an image: (188KiB) < libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/d.../image.png > 15:04
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ugexe maybe its raku-zef 15:08
packages.ubuntu.com/kinetic/raku-zef 15:09
i think github.com/nxadm/rakudo-pkg provides more update to date raku ubuntu packages as well 15:10
cloudsmith.io/~nxadm-pkgs/repos/ra...ormats-deb 15:11
kiti_nomad[m] sudo raku -I. bin/zef install . 15:19
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p6steve Coke: routine splice is provided by class Array 17:28
I would voat for an immutable(functional) splice like this www.npmjs.com/package/immutable-splice 17:29
so instead of returning the removed items, it returns the new result 17:30
I guess the limitation today is that splice needs to change the length of the Array and Lists have fixed length 17:34
so the new isplice could be a List routine
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Anton Antonov <@928301352029937715> Hi Steve! I think you are "doing it wrong" in raku::Dan. (Because you say it is Python pandas inspired.) I will try to convince you by making a natural language interface to that package. Do you have a more detailed usage guide for raku::Dan than the GitHub README? 18:15
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drakonis p6steve: i'd suggest not copying pandas' api, it is quite poorly designed, R's packages have a much cleaner approach 18:24
Anton Antonov <@135870802489901056> Agreed -- I used R-tidyverse and R-dplyr as starting points. Nevertheless, Python-pandas is so popular that I had to include as target. 18:27
drakonis tidyverse is eons ahead of pandas 18:30
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coleman I'm working on a personal CI environment, and I've typed up some questions in a gist. gist.github.com/dontlaugh/1d73c874...02457ab029 18:34
drakonis pandas has a fairly confusing API yet it succeeded because there was nothing else at the time
coleman I'd like to create a deployment environment next. But I'm unsure what to ship over from CI
Please leave comments on the gist if you have recommendations. 18:35
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Anton Antonov <@135870802489901056> Please, see this comparison interface: antononcube.shinyapps.io/DSL-evaluations/ . I want to include the raku-dan package in those comparisons. 18:44
drakonis ah shiny. 18:45
does R have anything besides shiny?
Anton Antonov <@135870802489901056> In general, or dynamic-interface-wise? 18:48
drakonis either of them 18:50
if there's anything else, shiny is still the most mature option
Anton Antonov The only R alternatives of R/Shiny is R/flexdashboard. (Which is based on shiny.) 18:51
And, yeah, RStudio as company makes money from web services. (Like shinyapps.io and RStudio Connect.) 18:52
And, yeah, RStudio as a company makes money from web services. (Like shinyapps.io and RStudio Connect.)
R/Shiny replicates the dynamic interfaces in Mathematica. In general RStudio is replicating many of business solutions of Wolfram Research. 18:54
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drakonis i see 19:36
by the way, arent meta operators basically macros?
lizmat eventually, maybe, but that's not how they're implemented atm
drakonis hyperoperators, that is 19:40
eh, conflated both names but i asked about metaoperators 19:41
lizmat also currently not implemented as macro's, but there is some grammar wizardry going to make it happen 19:42
tbrowder .tell El_Che see my remarks about rakudo-pkg at 09:27 above 19:44
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to El_Che
drakonis ah grammar wizardry... 19:49
the introduction of macros will surely make it significantly easier to maintain raku in the future 19:51
guifa basically they're hardcoded in the Rakudo grammar. In theory, someone could create a `multi meta_circumfix:<[ ]> (&infix)`, but I could see it getting complicated fast, and given how I can't think of any metaops that we'd need to add off the top of my head, it might be easier to do it in slang/macro 19:53
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drakonis it likely would 19:55
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drakonis i checked out serapeum, a common lisp utility library and it featured a macro for generating higher order functions 19:57
which is then used to implement various bits of code that are functionally meta operators 19:58
guifa you mean like o ?
drakonis github.com/ruricolist/serapeum/blo...s.lisp#L86 19:59
neat, J has a thing called monadic hooks 20:00
which is like the signature constraints 20:01
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lizmat going afk for at least the night... 20:16
my MBP is starting to swell... so I'm fearing battery issues...
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guifa yikes 20:17
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Anton Antonov <@135870802489901056> Afro me the forward feed operator (==>) and OOP method invocation dot (.) are monadic enough. 20:27
<@135870802489901056> For me the forward feed operator (==>) and OOP method invocation dot (.) are monadic enough. 20:36
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drakonis it is certainly something 20:57
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melezhik SmokeMachine you can use `verbose : true` to get more details from prove6/TAP report - sparrowhub.io:2222/report/505 21:10
like this - github.com/melezhik/rakudist-teddy...i.yaml#L16
Anton Antonov <@135870802489901056> Python allows for fairly nice display of monadic pipelines through OOP -- one just have surround the pipeline with parentheses. I.e. `( <pipeline> )` . 21:13
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