22 Sep 2021
JRaspass in the mean time i have a plan to finally allow crazy versions with letters, which should fix your uniname-words with its v6.c 10:35
lizmat quite a few, it seems 10:36
ah, no, my mistake
JRaspass ah FROGGS has a v in the filename, that's rare - `Inline-v1 Inline-v1.1Inline-v1.2 Inline-v1.2.1`
lizmat yeah, there are others
Vikna e.g.
jjatria So if META is correct but filename is not, we ignore the META? 10:37
That seems off
JRaspass we ignore one key of the meta i'd say, just version
i feel dist sites are just hacks upon hacks to cope with the real world, i wonder how bad metacpan's code is :-P 10:38
lizmat Sparky is a case, where there look to be at least 4 versions prior to 0.0.30 with incorrect version in META
JRaspass yeah i don't think it's that rare 10:39
jjatria I understand why this hack is attractive, but I'm not a fan. I'd lean more towards to not indexing incorrect METAs. I think MetaCPAN also has a "not indexing?" page with some common causes
lizmat gist.github.com/lizmat/178da597106...d151d38aea 11:12
list of 70 distributions with version mismatch between META and distribution name 11:13
only a few of them because of the "v" in the version 11:15
24 Sep 2021
it looks like there is at least one module in the zef ecosystem, that is also on the old "git" ecosystem 11:26
they point basically to the same thing, as the META of the "git: version lists "zef:stuart-little" as the auth 11:27
I guess the easiest way would be to just remove these from the old "git" ecosystem
github.com/Raku/ecosystem/commit/a19ebb6c6e # just for reference 11:31
JRaspass nice, the first url should go away on a re-index then 11:42
lizmat actually, I'm thinking on restoring them temporarily, so that I can create tar files of previous versions 11:57
JRaspass make sense 12:22
lizmat hmmm... no need, all the other versions are already on the zef ecosystem by the looks of it 12:29
JRaspass perfect, looks like its gone from m.r.o too 12:32
lizmat one more module visible on raku.land: github.com/Raku/ecosystem/commit/bc5226ad53 14:07
tonyo the p6c should eventually go away 15:48
i think once groups is complete it's possible 15:49
lizmat tonyo: I assume you're ok removing all of your modules in the old ecosystem (as they live in the zef ecosystem now) 15:52
it caused duplications on raku.land and modules.raku.org
tonyo yea
not all of them, a few are on p6c still and not in zef
i can take a look later today 15:53
lizmat I checked all the ones in the META.list: they *all* existed in zef as well
hmmm... I was going by raku.land results 15:54
I probably should have gone by what 360.zef.pm told me
I'll keep monitoring raku.land/zef:tony-o and see if any disappear from the 40 that are on there now 15:58
tonyo you removed them? 16:17
lizmat tonyo: yes 16:31
12 Oct 2021
p6steve hi folks - I am stuck with zef install Inline::Perl5 on macos 17:33
% zef --verbose install Inline::Perl5
===> Searching for: Inline::Perl5
===> Found: Inline::Perl5:ver<0.56>:auth<github:niner> [via Zef::Repository::Ecosystems<cpan>]
===> Searching for missing dependencies: perl:from<native>, Distribution::Builder::MakeFromJSON:ver<0.6+>
===> Failed to find dependencies: perl:from<native>
Failed to resolve some missing dependencies (use e.g. --exclude="perl" to skip)
please can anyone give me a hint?
lizmat add --exclude="perl" :-) 17:34
p6steve lizmat - yes that did the trick ... perhaps I should actually read the error message next time ;-) 17:35
lizmat p6steve: fwiw, been there, done exactly the same as you
23 Oct 2021
JRaspass RL is now running on new-disp aka 2021.10 :tada: Fantastic work 22:02