24 Oct 2022
JRaspass weird, there's very little js in the current version since the dropdown is "native" 13:58
we're just wiring up a fetch req on type
tonyo likely the same problem tbrowder was having 15:40
JRaspass yeah 15:41
yeah ill go the "fuck it, just use a js lib" route then, and quit trying to do it properly :-P 15:42
i looked at metacpan's but they're using jquery ui so i did a bit of googling to settle on autoComplete.js
we can also have "rich" dropdowns with icons, so we could say differentiate between an author and a dist
tonyo no react? 16:37
or similar?
JRaspass I'd rather not rewrite the site as an SPA, it's not a great fit, it's not an application like gmail 17:57
tonyo i mean are you using a FE framework, not react specifically 19:13
JRaspass Nah, just normal JS 20:10
ooo i can reproduce the unable to search with the gnome browser, it's defo webkit specific, interesting 20:16
25 Oct 2022
autoComplete.js is live now, *should* work on iOS 01:02
lizmat yeah, works better now 08:12
the only thing I sorta expected, is that if you select from the suggestions pull down, that it would immediately go to that page
rather than copying the selection into the text box for you to hit enter 08:13
JRaspass it does that for enter, i can see if the API lets me do that for click, let's see what other sites do in that regard 08:35
That should work now 08:49
lizmat yeah, it does :-) 12:59
3 Nov 2022
tbrowder JRaspass: raku land is working great on my iPad now. 15:50
JRaspass awesome, happy to hear it 15:51
tbrowder are you going to be able to get a tag search added?
and author?
all the search stuff lizmat put on the old modules site? 15:52
wait a minute, let me look at raku.land again... 15:53
ok, i see how to get tag-related stuff. 15:55
author 15:56
i don't see a way to search authors yet 15:57
lizmat tbrowder: fwiw, I've never had anything todo with the old modules site 16:30
tbrowder hm, did you add or add to the help icon (?)? 16:49
maybe you pointed the help out to me once, anyhoo, your name is forever in my memory as associated with it :) 16:57
lizmat could be :-) 17:50
11 Nov 2022
jjatria: did you ever consider porting your Mastodon module to Raku ? 15:13
jjatria Ugh, not really. I don't really like how that library came out, and I never really got around to updating it to support newer versions of the API 23:06
It's one of those libraries that you wish would disappear, specially because I feel Mastodon deserves a better client :( 23:08
12 Nov 2022
lizmat jjatria: understood 07:58
lizmat puts in on her long list of modules to make
22 Nov 2022
hmmm... looks like the "Prolific Authors" list is borked? 12:37
I mean, I know that Jonathan Stowe has way more than 33 modules, and he's not in the list ?
hmmm... looks like it is missing a lot of modules generally? 12:38
JSON::Fast unknown? 12:39
794 modules ?
it doesn't look like it's missing all items from a particular ecosystem backend, or letters 13:06
JRaspass Ah it might this recent change: invalid input value for enum "from": "Raku" raku.land/build, should be fixable 13:42
ah it's the Zef bump, it's mapping Perl6 to Raku 13:45
lizmat intriguing 13:46
JRaspass easily fixed, just need to update the enum, might just be able to rename the field instead though if Zef::Dist never reports the old one now 13:48
lizmat cool....
JRaspass alter type "from" rename value 'Perl6' to 'Raku'; next ingest should find a lot more dists, i think every dist with a dep is borked atm 13:49
only reference to "Perl6" left in the RL codebase is the name of the CPAN directory, I guess that's never changing, not until we kill off CPAN and P6C I guess 13:57