21 Jun 2022
sena_kun you mean reports in the cro repo or? 15:51
yes, github.com/croservices/cro-http/issues/131 and github.com/croservices/cro-webapp/issues/73 15:52
[Coke] new docs site could use some eyes on github.com/croservices/cro-webapp/issues/73 and github.com/croservices/cro-http/issues/131 16:53
coleman works for me 16:54
24 Jun 2022
lizmat wonders how the docs working group is doing in Houston 19:19
[Coke] I have zero knowledge of anything going on there, so... 19:46
not great?
lizmat or I messed up timezones and or dates 19:48
[Coke] no, I mean I've heard *nothing*, not *nothing happening right this second* 19:49
[Coke] finds tprc2022.sched.com/event/128ES/rak...king-group
"Current plans are to also have remote collaboration with prior contributors who cannot attend in person.
[Coke] sighs. 19:50
thanks for mentioning it, liz, or I would have never known.
lizmat only 30 mins to go or so, if I got my time calculation correct ? 19:57
[Coke] looks like. guifa said no one showed up, so they're working on other stuff 19:59
lizmat got that :-) 20:09
[Coke] afk 20:10
26 Jun 2022
sena_kun updated the website with latest improvements: inline code padding fix, content update and search update. 10:28
lizmat sena_kun++ 10:32
patrickb sena_kun: On my mobile device the search is still borked. Site-searching for "garbage-col" searches for "garbage" instead. 14:56
sena_kun patrickb, cannot reproduce. :/ 15:01
lizmat that feels familiar: patrickb are you using an iPhone by any chance ? 15:03
sena_kun are you sure the scripts/css are latest too?
uzl[m] Assumming docs.raku.chroot.club/ is the the place where the new documentation is hosted for now, I cannot reproduce patrickb's bug neither 23:35
27 Jun 2022
patrickb oh. I was using 05:44
I'm on Android 10 using Firefox (Chrome bahaves the same). 05:45
I now tried on desktop as well. using Typing "garbage-col" into the search bar shows a "Not found, but you can try site search" which shows the correct link on hover over but does nothing when clicked. 08:26
When typing in "garbage-col" followed by a press of Return, google opens up but searches for "garbage". 08:27
Desktop chrome shows the same behavior. 08:29
I never had the page open in Chrome before, so the files can't be stale. 08:30
sena_kun wut 09:11
uzl[m], I don't know anything about the URL you sent, so unless it points to the :10010 address it might be outdated. 09:12
but yes, I can reproduce it, that's... weird.
ah, I see what's wrong 09:23
28 Jun 2022
[Coke] the mojo version PR seems fine, even thought it probably will not matter once we cut to the new site, yes? 15:51
sena_kun it won't 17:13
[Coke] ok. will add a note to that effect. 17:19
done 17:21
29 Jun 2022
coleman I haven't fully automated the chroot.club url 15:37
I would like to, since people have found it useful
the CI is here buildkite.com/de-limited/docs-dot-...e1e23ee786 15:41
Altai-man! :) 16:18
I hope your holiday was wonderful; I'm at work now so I gotta go, but cheers :)
Altai-man o/ 16:31
the CI looks curious
coleman Go easy on me. I have no idea what I'm doing! But I can self host lots of stuff 16:33
I am roughly following the advice from the replies to my reddit post www.reddit.com/r/rakulang/comments...no_docker/ 16:34
[Coke] oh, that was you? I was wondering why "no docker" was a requirement. 16:42
but didn't have the spoons to get into an argument with a stranger on the internet. :)
coleman I am a man of great passion, but within me is a deep well of empathy and forgiveness 16:45
Altai-man I think I'd still be a bit more calm with a docker-compose based setup, even though I myself host some services avoiding it. 17:02