16 Jun 2021
japhb I'm baaaaack .... 02:11
jjatria o/ 10:56
1 Aug 2021
Geth MUGS-Core/main: a7e9357974 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | t/03-file.rakutest
Work around YAMLish quoting change affecting File tests

japhb And now I have a twitch game running on MUGS on a Raspberry Pi! \o/ 23:18
Been a while since I've had enough of the yak herd shaved to work directly on MUGS again ... phew! 23:19
2 Aug 2021
jjatria Oh sweet! 15:17
15 Aug 2021
Geth MUGS-UI-TUI/main: 53e1d61636 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | lib/MUGS/App/TUI.rakumod
Set $*TERMINAL properly in TUI initialization

MUGS-UI-TUI/main: 36dc95425a | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | lib/MUGS/App/TUI.rakumod
Allow player to specify game-id as a command line option

29 Aug 2021
MUGS-Core/main: 4 commits pushed by (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ 05:20
MUGS-UI-TUI/main: 51be51c8d6 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | Changes
Update Changes

3 Sep 2021
MUGS-Core/main: 6 commits pushed by (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ 05:46
4 Sep 2021
MUGS-Core/main: c7eb086100 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | 2 files
Get rid of spurious WebSocket Continuation frames

Previously, every single WebSocket message was sent "fragmented", which means that after each data-containing frame, a second empty "continuation" frame was also sent, just to mark the end of the fragmented message.
It turns out this was the result of an unfortunate DWIM attempt in ... (19 more lines)
MUGS-Core/main: ada6f7051a | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | Changes
Update Changes for Continuation frames fix

japhb Longest commit message I've written in quite a while
Or at least, highest ratio of commit message to actual diff lines
15 Oct 2021
lizmat is there a URL for more info about MUGS ? 14:38
japhb lizmat: If you're asking if there's a website, no. The main MUGS docs are where most of the further info is, which is here: github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS/tree/main/docs 15:18
lizmat github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS/tree/main/docs#readme perhaps better ?
japhb Sure. I suppose that's going to be better for people with limited screen area or using a screen reader, so ... SGTM 15:20