29 Nov 2022
El_Che I think the rainbow butterfly is a trick to make people questioning themselves if they are core or not :P 17:21
[Coke] ^^ you can just sum up booleans.
El_Che: Thankfully I was never going to nominate myself so I didn't have to answer that question. :) 17:22
I did nominate someone, hopefully within the latest window
Nemokosch not sure it's a good idea to further obfuscate the code with boolean summing 17:23
[Coke] I disagree that that's the obfuscating part there. :) 17:27
Nemokosch Well I think it is but it's rather tautological. 17:32
[Coke] wonders if this is worth a module. 18:04
[Coke] notes you can also rewrite the reduce:
m: <coke core>>>.comb.reduce(&[Zne])).sum.say
camelia ===SORRY!=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unexpected closing bracket
at <tmp>:1
------> <coke core>>>.comb.reduce(&[Zne])⏏).sum.say
[Coke] m: <coke core>>>.comb.reduce(&[Zne]).sum.say 18:05
camelia 1
[Coke] (oh, right: github.com/thundergnat/Text-Levenshtein) 18:07
melezhik o/ 18:58
tellable6 2022-11-28T04:24:03Z #raku <tonyo> melezhik: that's awesome
melezhik hi! if someone is willing to automate a module publishing using fez upload here the way - raku.land/zef:melezhik/SparrowCI-S...ox?v=0.0.2
^^ tonyo 18:59
tonyo ++ 19:00
tbrowder i just spent WAY too much time editing my raku advent article on that [expletives deleted] so-called editor on Wordpress. Santa, please send us a new (and suitable) Raku Advent blog site!! 19:18
with tonyo's article on apache/cro websites in hand, surely someone is willing to self-host a decent, Rakupod/Markdown Raku Advent blogging site. i know it will take a bit of time, but, for a once-a-year event, it shouldn't take that much time compared to wasted hours on WP. and i'm willing to donate to the Raku Foundation to get it started. 19:25
couldn't Raku servers be used? 19:26
[Coke] I am not sure there *are* "raku servers" 19:30
Nemokosch could be that there are "raku servers" but then they are people xD 19:32
[Coke] I mean to say, I don't think it's like we have capacity sitting around unused, I think everything is bespoke. 19:41
I also don't know if we want to add to infrastructure when there are commercial options because devops/infra staff is a limited resource, even more than hosting $$. 19:42
Geth ecosystem/main: 6fd62ba697 | (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META.list
Removes from ecosystem
[Coke] for the rainbow award, is the plan to just announce the winner? anyone nominated? 20:31
melezhik .tell tbrowder writing posts in Wordpress is PAIN 20:53
tellable6 melezhik, I'll pass your message to tbrowder
melezhik medium is MUCH easier however maybe it could be not a good fit for raku advents even 20:54
tbrowder i’m talking about whatever powers our raku.org and such 20:55
tonyo i could host it. 22:40
but i have no software for blogging so there'd probably need to be some consensus for what to use
coleman static site generator? 22:41
tonyo if you use that then you could just make an org for the advent in github and use that 22:44
Nemokosch I mean yeah, tbh if people are so dissatisfied with Wordpress, what about simply using a Jekyll site on github? 22:56
lizmat [Coke] there are nominations, and the RSC is still mulling about the selection process / results :-) 23:05
El_Che lizmat: are we allowed to make "Stop the steal" jokes? :) 23:09
lizmat yes
El_Che are the bots allowed to vote, you know vox populi, vox dei? 23:10
lizmat no, the only people allowed to vote, are the RSC members :-)
and I think we will exclude RSC members from the roster :-) 23:11
maybe next time it will be different... it was a sorta last minute thing, really
El_Che good luck! 23:12
Nemokosch Hm, hopefully they don't need to toss a coin, and then maybe it's less about luck 😄 23:22
30 Nov 2022
Anton Antonov I tried to set up GitHub blog posting, but was too hard (for me.) So, I stuck with WordPress. 00:45
Nemokosch :DDD 01:09
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