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Set by Zoffix on 25 July 2018.
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choiboi this is so cool, I have irssi running in a screen instance running in a shell so I can login and never miss a thing! 01:37
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timotimo choiboi: i was like that once. now i have a weechat in a tmux session :D 01:59
hahainternet hipster ;) 02:00
timotimo oi, how'd i deserve that? :P
choiboi timotimo: I would do that but I can't leave my computer on all the time xD 02:01
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timotimo oh, no, the tmux and weechat are running on a server run by a friend 02:02
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choiboi timotimo: That's so cool! 02:03
timotimo weechat also has a "relay protocol" with dedicated clients that can connect directly to it, like Glowing Bear 02:04
hahainternet timotimo: honestly i love tmux, but i've not joined the weechat crew yet
still on ancient irssi
one true irc client :)
choiboi hahainternet: stick with irssi ;)
timotimo eh. i won't judge
hahainternet tiling WM for me next i think
moving windows around is just getting too tiresome 02:05
timotimo i've been on tiling WMs for a whole while
choiboi same
timotimo turns out all i really need is split left/right and move between screens
hahainternet well gnome already has that
meta+left, meta+right
but i'd like a bit more
timotimo yeah, i'm on xfce4 which also has that
choiboi hahainternet: like automatic tiling?
hahainternet choiboi: some grammar for modifying them 02:06
ala vim
choiboi I'm running 2bwm (which is not tiling
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hahainternet jwl for examle, 'join window left' might be a good idiom 02:06
choiboi hahainternet: sick
hahainternet i genuinely don't know :)
timotimo what is the "two borders" thing about?
oh, it's like status bars? or per-window borders like title bars? 02:07
choiboi timotimo: are you asking me?
timotimo yeah
choiboi timotimo: tbh not really sure... I know if I wanted to I could configure the borders a lot but I run a mostly stock setup 02:08
timotimo when i was running i3 i built a python script that can parse arbitrary text files that have color codes in them and rotate the hue around
i had it set up to rotate by a little every ~hour or so i guess? 02:09
hahainternet hah that's cute i use a similar thing for a background that changes throughout the day
choiboi timotimo: oh, that would probably require writing C for 2bwm since its basically a floating version of dwm
hahainternet but it's very hard to find a good series of panoramic timelapses 24 hours long
in fact, i only found one nice one, and i emailed the author asking to license the raws, and he did not respond to me :( 02:10
timotimo :(
choiboi :(
timotimo reminds me (barely) of Looking Glass 3d where there was one demo that had live(?) video from the campus it was developed at as the background
choiboi timotimo: there is a timelapse of my campus having construction right now (I go to Daytona State College) 02:11
hahainternet i think what i'll do at some point is install gta v again 02:12
see if i can get it to render at 6880x1880 02:13
and then do a timelapse in that from a nice vantage point
choiboi hahainternet: how big is your monitor!!!?
hahainternet choiboi: 3440x1440
s/1880/2880 above
thinking of subsampling, as the detail is never great in videogames 02:14
choiboi ohhhhhh
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choiboi (still jealous, my laptop's resolution is like 1336 by 768... 02:14
hahainternet ah, desktop monitor here rather than a laptop 02:15
my laptop is annoyingly 1080p, my previous one was 1440p :(
choiboi my phone has a higher resolution than my laptop
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hahainternet hah, one of mine does too 02:16
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hahainternet there's like 5-10x the demand for those screens as laptop screens 02:16
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choiboi hahainternet: I wish that actual computers were more popular 02:16
I could care less about my phone... I'd much rather use IRC than text
hahainternet choiboi: counterpoint: they've never been more popular, just not comparatively more
it may just be that kids in my family are all boys, so they're all obsessed with fortnite 02:17
choiboi hahainternet: I don't like fortnite
my friends play it and I feel like they are wasting their time but its not my life so.. xD 02:18
hahainternet i'm about 2x too old to be playing it, but honestly gaming can build friendships, it can be good
don't be afraid to bond, especially when you're young
just don't get sucked into gamer "culture" 02:19
choiboi hahainternet: ah luckily here if I wanna bond with someone I can just go to the beach ^_^
I like games still though but I don't have the attention span to play one for over 20 minutes 02:20
hahainternet hah, try factorio ;) 02:21
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timotimo choiboi: how often do you hear people yell out "DAAAA YYYYY TOOOO NAAAAAAaaa"? 02:22
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choiboi hahainternet: what am I looking at? 02:23
timotimo: I don't know how to read that 02:24
hahainternet choiboi: a game about automation, if you can program well you can play it well
and vice versa (imho)
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choiboi hahainternet: oops I went to factor dot io... xD 02:25
timotimo www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PqjBPGAFo0choiboi
hahainternet timotimo: hey i guess we're both old :)
timotimo long before i realized daytona is a place, this song had been embedded, nay burned, into my mind
i didn't even play the game ?!?
TBF i only just learned this or maybe late last year that daytona is a place 02:26
hahainternet hah, here's my equivalent: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n__WagRmTw0#t=13m
timotimo :D
the first racing sim i remember playing was NFS2, actually, i'm not that old yet 02:27
MasterDuke ahh, NFS. loved those. Porsche Unleashed is one of my favorite games of all time
hahainternet i'm fairly sure i played the original, god that's depressing :) 02:28
choiboi timotimo: that is not what the daytona 500 looks like at all xD
hahainternet Release years by system:
1994 – 3DO Interactive Multiplayer[6]
timotimo though i think my dad tried to get me to like Grand Prix 2, but it was a bit too difficult for me; it's rather a lot more realistic from the simulation aspect
hahainternet yep i'd have been about 10, shoot me :)
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choiboi hahainternet: I would have been -7 years old 02:29
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hahainternet disgusting 02:29
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choiboi hahainternet: disgusting? :( 02:30
hahainternet yeah, young people, with their positive approach to life and fully working bodies
gross :)
choiboi hahainternet: my body doesn't fully work, my lungs keep me from running or doing anything. My lungs filled up with acid and it damaged them a lot 02:31
But I do have a positive approach to life! ^_^
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hahainternet hah, well perhaps you can join me in my aged cynicism 02:32
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choiboi hahainternet: yes the dark side *evil smile* 02:32
choiboi has moved to the dark side of daytona
hahainternet i tell you something choiboi as an old person, here's one bit of advice 02:33
accept all the education you can get
cause i'm in my 30s and finding it hard to conceptualise stuff that i would have been taught at 24 if i'd stayed the course
i don't even know how to start it, or even how to start starting it
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timotimo make sure your mother had her belly listen to mozart while you were still in there 02:37
hahainternet hah, you say that in jest 02:38
but isn't there some evidence behind that?
timotimo not actually sure
hahainternet anyhow i don't mean general intelligence, i mean the complex logic of things like set theory / type theory
it requires your brain to be molded to a way of thinking
Xliff Is there a way to set timeout of an awaited promise?
hahainternet and at my age, neuroplasticity isn't what it was
timotimo Xliff: nah, you'd use a second promise (Promise.in) and then await Promise.anyof($foo, $bar) 02:39
hahainternet in another 5-10 years i won't be able to keep up with the changes in the industry
and then i'm done
Xliff I want to do "our $a; $a = Promise.new; #... does something... #; await $a;"
hahainternet make an object that wraps a promise
internally it can await both can't it?
Xliff And hold that await indefinitely until something else keeps the promise.
hahainternet Xliff: you just said 'set timeout' but now you say 'indefinitely'? 02:40
those seem to be dichotomies, am i confused?
Xliff hahainternet: Well, I've tried this before, and the await will terminate after a certain amount of time.
I'd like to make that "amount of time" something longer than the default. 02:41
hahainternet is there a default timeout?
i'm not sure i'm aware of one
Xliff I don't know how 6.d is doing it now. My code is still in 6.c until I have time to refactor all of the changes.
hahainternet i'd wait for timotimo et al who know more than I :) 02:42
choiboi hahainternet: I go to college for free. The state of Florida pays for my school
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Xliff I made a simple test. 02:42
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hahainternet choiboi: keep at it, it's $12,000/year here for most schools 02:43
thanks to our terrible government
Xliff perl6 -e 'my $a = Promise.new; await $a' # Should be an infinite loop
So far so good.
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choiboi hahainternet: tbh I don't want to finish my degree. I got offered a job to work for a major tobacco company (Gudang Garam) 02:44
hahainternet imho i'd do anything to go back and finish a CS/Engineering degree 02:45
so take that as you will :)
Xliff choiboi: Well, good luck with the job, but see if they will allow you time to complete your degree. 02:46
timotimo a promise will not resolve itself, i might be misunderstanding?
Xliff Do NOT allow your degree to go unfinished. Most companies will allow you to complete on their dime. Investigate if you can make use of it.
timotimo: No. I am trying to stop operation of code until the promise is manually kept.
Hence the " #... does something... #" 02:47
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Xliff I just wanted to make sure the "await $a" will sit there until that happens. 02:47
timotimo you want something to pause while the promise is in planned state?
the change in 6.d that's relevant for await is that if you're awaiting from a task that's in a ThreadPoolScheduler, the task will get put back in the queue, which means a different worker may resume it 02:50
Xliff timotimo: OK. I'm still in v6.c 02:55
That will help when I can finally release all of this crap and then move to 6.d 02:56
choiboi I'll definetely ask if I can complete my degree
Xliff choiboi++
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choiboi does index.css apply to all html files or just index.html? 03:07
timotimo it depends on what's in the html file, rather than the filenames
choiboi timotimo: what do I need to add?
timotimo there'll be a <link rel="stylesheet" href="..." /> or maybe src="..." 03:08
i always look it up whenever i need it, though actually i mostly work with templates that already come with a few things
choiboi timotimo: thanks! 03:09
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choiboi is AFK 03:14
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jmerelo squashable6: status 07:28
squashable6 jmerelo, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in 1 day and ≈4 hours (2019-03-02 UTC-14⌁UTC+12). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
jmerelo Happening tomorrow!
releasable6: status
releasable6 jmerelo, Next release will happen when it's ready. 2 blockers. 319 out of 321 commits logged
jmerelo, Details: gist.github.com/1304856c22efd9ea8a...af6f762c3c
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cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! Term-Choose-Util-p6 (1.1.3) by 03KUERBIS 08:22
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jmerelo I have added a new proyect idea to the Google Summer of Code repo: perl-gsoc-2019.github.io/ideas/per...dules.html It's about working on some community-adopted modules that are not receiving all the love they should 09:33
On that note, I just released a new version of URI, fixing one bug that had been there for (some|a long) time
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tadzik jmerelo: github.com/sergot/http-useragent is perhaps a better fit that LWP::Simple, since it was actually written as a gsoc project :) 09:41
(as an LWP::Simple replacement)
jmerelo tadzik: it's a more flexible and complex module. LWP::Simple is, well, simple. There's another module, WWW, which is similar and also adopted by the community 09:42
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patrickb o/ 09:51
.tell jnthn Could you type together a project idea in the ideas repo for the dynamic optimizer idea you tweeted about? That should hopefully greatly increase the visibility of that idea for students. (github.com/perl-gsoc-2019/ideas/bl...ing-ideas) 09:54
yoleaux patrickb: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
jmerelo Hi, patrickb
patrickb .tell jnthn It's great you're willing to mentor!
yoleaux patrickb: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
patrickb Hi there. :-)
jmerelo patrickb: just thinking about a few more ideas... the most we have, with all different levels, the easier it will be to attract students 09:55
I guess...
patrickb true... 09:56
jmerelo patrickb: I have also seen that some organizations are making @ references in Twitter to user groups. Should we do that? Can we target some specific groups? Is it worth the while? 09:57
patrickb I'm too unexperienced with Twitter to have an informed opinion. But increasing reach is probably always a Good Thing. 09:58
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jmerelo patrickb: OK, I'll see if I create a list and start to mention them. Including, for instance, Perl mongers and youth or any other kind of collective coding groups 09:59
patrickb I think by far most of the time students will come to our ideas page via the official GSoC site. 10:00
jmerelo patrickb: the problem is that these would be actually interested and informed about GSoC. That leaves a lot of people that don't.
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patrickb True. I think the most potent target group is the one already having a relation to perl in some way. 10:02
jmerelo++ 10:03
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jmerelo patrickb: OK, tweeted to a bunch of Perl organizations and organizers. 10:54
patrickb jmerelo++ 10:56
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discord6 <kawaii> Who controls the @perl6 Twitter account? Seems long dead... 11:18
jmerelo No idea. 11:21
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jmerelo I'm looking at the first followers, and I only know one of them. 11:22
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jmerelo Last tweet was when Perl 6 was released. 11:24
discord6 <kawaii> Yeah, would be nice for the community to have control of it back 11:32
<kawaii> The 'rakudo' Twitter account is suspended, and 'raku' is in use by a person 11:33
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jmerelo I asked them. If that fails, we'll see what we can do. 12:00
discord6 <kawaii> jmerelo: is the perl6 github organization for people involved in the ecosystem in general? i.e. module developers etc? 12:02
sena_kun it is for anyone who contributes into repos under perl6 github organization. 12:04
jmerelo correct
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AlexDaniel there's twitter.com/perl6org/ 12:25
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Geth doc: f50a6a3b4d | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Label.pod6
Adds definition of methods and examples refs #2624
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/type/Label
doc: e30a891961 | (JJ Merelo)++ | doc/Type/Label.pod6
Adds syntax closes #2624
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Geth ¦ ecosystem-unbitrot: Scimon self-assigned Test::HTTP::Server github.com/perl6/ecosystem-unbitrot/issues/593 14:43
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tbrowder .ask jmerelo do you know how much Google is paying for GSoc students this summer? 14:55
yoleaux tbrowder: I'll pass your message to jmerelo.
tadzik developers.google.com/open-source/...t-stipends 14:56
We are using a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) based calculation to determine the stipend. We start with a base amount of 6000 USD and then adjust it based on each country's PPP value. There is a minimum (3000 USD) and maximum (6600 USD) stipend amount.
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tadzik it used to be $5000 for everyone when I was doing it 14:57
timotimo i regret never having tried to do a gsoc as a participant 14:58
tadzik It was fun. I had amazing mentors too :) 15:01
patrickb tbrowder: developers.google.com/open-source/...t-stipends 15:02
scimon Is there docs on specifying module version numbers in Meta6.json ? 15:03
(Assuming it's possible)
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timotimo for dependencies you mean? 15:04
scimon Yeah
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Geth perl6-examples: manwar++ created pull request #59:
Fix issue 57 58
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scimon (Found it). It's in the META6.json docs on docs.perl.org. Funny that. 15:06
cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! Test-HTTP-Server (0.3.1) by 03SCIMON 15:13
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tbrowder patrickb: thanks! 15:37
.tell jmerelo got the answer from patrickb
yoleaux tbrowder: I'll pass your message to jmerelo.
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brrt any students showed up yet? 15:46
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timotimo i've seen one, i think 15:48
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jkramer Is there a nicer way to write "if $a.defined and $b.defined and $a eq $b"? 15:51
timotimo m: my $a = Str; my $b = "hello"; if quietly $a eq $b { say "yup" }
camelia ( no output )
timotimo m: my $a = Str; my $b = ""; if quietly $a eq $b { say "yup" } 15:52
camelia yup
timotimo ^- if that's an acceptable edge case
jkramer m: my $a = Str; my $b = Str; if quietly $a eq $b { say "yup" } 15:53
camelia yup
jkramer That's the problem, if both are undefined I don't want to compare but get False
timotimo build a custom infix operator, def-n-eq 15:56
def'n'eq actually
so it doesn't look like def-not-equals
gotta run!
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mikfire m: my $a = Str; my $b = "hello"; with $a or $b { say "yup" if quietly $a eq $b } 16:06
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camelia ( no output ) 16:06
mikfire Huh. That worked on my command line
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cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! LibCurl (0.6) by 03CTILMES 16:15
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cpan-p6 New module released to CPAN! LibCurl (0.6.1) by 03CTILMES 16:30
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jmerelo squashable6: status 16:51
yoleaux 14:55Z <tbrowder> jmerelo: do you know how much Google is paying for GSoc students this summer?
squashable6 jmerelo, ⚠🍕 Next SQUASHathon in ≈19 hours (2019-03-02 UTC-14⌁UTC+12). See github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
yoleaux 15:37Z <tbrowder> jmerelo: got the answer from patrickb
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jmerelo .tell tbrowder I don't think it's changed from the original 5.5K. Did patrickb say the same? 16:52
yoleaux jmerelo: I'll pass your message to tbrowder.
jmerelo releasable6: status
releasable6 jmerelo, Next release will happen when it's ready. 2 blockers. 319 out of 321 commits logged
jmerelo, Details: gist.github.com/b40e0057187c92f84b...21032d311a
Geth perl6-examples/master: 4 commits pushed by (Mohammad S Anwar)++, (Juan Julián Merelo Guervós)++ 16:53
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jmerelo .tell AlexDaniel how do I set up squashable to respond to changes in the doc repo? 17:46
yoleaux jmerelo: I'll pass your message to AlexDaniel.
AlexDaniel .
yoleaux 17:46Z <jmerelo> AlexDaniel: how do I set up squashable to respond to changes in the doc repo?
jmerelo Hi, AlexDaniel 17:47
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squashable6 Webhook for perl6/doc is now active! Anything added dilutes everything else. 18:02
AlexDaniel jmerelo: done! Some instructions are here: github.com/perl6/ecosystem/wiki/SQ...aintainers
jmerelo: the secret I tend to change every month though
jmerelo AlexDaniel: thanks!
AlexDaniel jmerelo: so you'd need to ssh into the server and tweak config.json
(if you want to do that yourself next time) 18:03
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jmerelo AlexDaniel: I am not sure I have access to that server. Is that hack.p6c.org? 18:03
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AlexDaniel jmerelo: try ssh [email@hidden.address] 18:04
jmerelo AlexDaniel: ah, great. Thanks! 18:05
AlexDaniel: and I see where the secret is. 18:06
AlexDaniel also restart the bot after changing the secret with `sake kill:shareable`
jmerelo AlexDaniel: will do
AlexDaniel: shareable or squashable? 18:07
AlexDaniel surely squashable
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Xliff \o 18:10
jmerelo Hi, Xliff ! 18:11
Xliff jmerelo: Hi! 18:13
m: my $a = Str; my $b = "hello"; with $a or $b { say "yup" if quietly $a eq $b }
camelia ( no output )
Xliff m: my $a = Str; my $b = Str; with $a or $b { say "yup" if quietly $a eq $b }
camelia ( no output )
Xliff m: my $a = 'a'; my $b = 'a'; with $a or $b { say "yup" if quietly $a eq $b } 18:14
camelia yup
mikfire m: my $a = Str; my $b = ""; with $a or $b { say "yup" if quietly $a eq $b } 18:17
camelia yup
mikfire Ah. I had the wrong test case. Thanks for pointing that out.
This is a delightfully fun langauge. I wish I understand a quarter of the syntax, but it is fun 18:19
timotimo yeah, sadly or will consider empty strings as false, too
there's defined-or, which is //, that could very well work 18:27
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Xliff m: my $a = Str // 'thar'; my $b = 'thar'; with $a or $b { say "yup" if quietly $a eq $b } 18:31
camelia yup
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Xliff Since Str is a type object which evaluates to "undefinedness", the // will then set $a to the value 'thar'. 18:31
So that equates to... 18:32
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Xliff my $a = do without Str { 'thar' } 18:32
m: my $a = do without Str { 'thar' }; say $a; 18:33
camelia thar
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daxim news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19251479 19:37
tadzik rurban strikes again 19:40
El_Che he came galloping on a pony 19:41
with a parrot on his shoulder
too much? 19:43
tadzik is it an ex-parrot? 19:44
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antoniogamiz Hi! any of you knows why 3.^name does not return Int? 19:58
3.name is not working either :(
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AlexDaniel antoniogamiz: what does it return for you? 20:00
m: say 3.^name
camelia Int
antoniogamiz oh it works in the repl, so it has to be a fail with my script, sorry to have bothered you :c
sena_kun m: 3.^name.say
camelia Int
antoniogamiz I have to add #!perl6 to the beginning of my script right? Or I dont need to?
AlexDaniel antoniogamiz: preferably #!/usr/bin/env perl6 20:01
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antoniogamiz oh right as python, thanks for the help AlexDaniel :D 20:02
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Xliff antoniogamiz: If you are having problems with your code, please post some up in a gist or a pastebin so we can look at it. ;) 20:06
antoniogamiz Xliff: right! One moment :D 20:08
pastebin.com/wpYKvQm3 here is my problem 20:09
lucasb semicolons;
antoniogamiz ooohhhhh perl6 uses semicolons hahahah 20:10
Xliff :D
antoniogamiz sorry for the trouble, I did not see them in the book I'm using beacuse the author is still using the repl xdd
Xliff Really; After so many languages, sometimes it's easy to forget that they all need an ending; Period;
antoniogamiz: No worries. 20:11
antoniogamiz totally; agree;
AlexDaniel m: no worries 20:13
camelia ( no output )
.oO( no worries, no output )
discord6 <kawaii> getting a 400 error when trying to setup my github webhook for the squashathin? 20:14
<kawaii> squashathon*
<kawaii> a response of Signatures didn't match, did the secret change?
AlexDaniel kawaii: it's a doc squashathon, you shouldn't be setting up a webhook this time 20:15
kawaii: see github.com/rakudo/rakudo/wiki/Mont...Squash-Day
kawaii: it links to github.com/perl6/doc/issues/2632 so that's the plan 20:16
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discord6 <kawaii> ah right, misread some outdated documentation, thanks AlexDaniel! 20:16
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lucasb that's one huge todo list 20:19
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AlexDaniel yeah, wow 20:27
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antoniogamiz I gotta go, have a good night! :D 20:51
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Geth doc: fb5d341036 | timo++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | doc/Language/exceptions.pod6
don't use `.payload` for a "handle all exceptions" example

because payload only exists on X::AdHoc. Use `.message` instead, which every Exception has, and which just stringifies the payload on an X::AdHoc anyway
synopsebot Link: doc.perl6.org/language/exceptions
tbrowder .anyone seen [Coke]? 22:08
yoleaux 16:52Z <jmerelo> tbrowder: I don't think it's changed from the original 5.5K. Did patrickb say the same?
tbrowder jmerelo: he pointed me to the link that shows the amounts--varies by country student is attending school in 22:09
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TreyHarris Is there a better way of dealing with passing along optionality of arguments to successive functions than this? gist.github.com/507c511dd34b96a3df...ae51c0b94e 23:26
Like, `put $opt_arg ?? foo($opt_arg) !! foo()`? 23:27
jnthn Maybe `put foo(|($opt_arg || Empty))` 23:34
TreyHarris I'm writing a shim library where I need to take the same arguments as the subs in the original (plus some in some cases), massage the arguments, and pass them along, and when there are two or three optional arguments it gets hairy to "just call it like I was called please"
jnthn Though be careful if $opt_arg is something flattenable
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TreyHarris jnthn: I updated the gist (gist.github.com/507c511dd34b96a3df...e51c0b94e) -- thanks, I assumed "Empty" would only work for the entire capture---didn't realize I could use it piecewise like that before 23:47
It's still kinda uggly, but it works 23:48
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