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lizmat "source-url" : "git://github.com/bduggan/p6-rdf-turtle.git" 11:41
"source-url" : "github.com/bduggan/p6-rdf-turtle.git"
the former appears on modules.perl6.org as the link to the repor
the latter doesn't: is the use of https:// wrong in this context, or should modules.perl6.org be fixed ? 11:42
japhb lizmat: You can check which URLs are acceptable from the GitHub UI by pulling down the "Clone or download" dropdown at a repo root. In this particular case, github.com/user/repo.git is the default form (partly IIRC because it's more firewall-friendly); git:... is for those who prefer SSH to HTTPS for security. 14:10
lizmat ok, so you're saying it's a problem with modules.perl6.org, right ? 14:12
japhb Originally IIRC people were allowed to list either https:// or git:// in their repo info, I'm guessing modules.perl6.org is just following whatever people put in that metadata. 14:14
Personally I think we should pick one as standard for each of the repo hosting sites (probably the ) and have the tools (zef, etc.) able to autoconvert for you. 14:15
"enough magic to make users happy"
lizmat well, I have quite a few modules to change should the url have to start with git:// 14:19
will do it if necessary, but still... if the problem is more widespread ecosystem-wise
then maybe we should indeed handle this more centrally :-)
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japhb Well, at the very least we can know the supported URL formats for GitHub and GitLab and have zef and modules.perl6.org just magically map them (or perhaps display both forms) 19:30
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