samcv shiftjis decode support just landed in moarvm :) 02:05
err i mean encode support has landed. tomorrow i will work on integrating the decoder i wrote today into moarvm
tyil samcv++ 07:56
Geth rakudo: 8adddbdddb | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
Add support for HyperRangeBatcher

Create work batches from a Range faster.
rakudo: 277359d5d3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Range.pm6
Give Range its own .hyper / .race

Using the new HyperRangeBatcher
roast/master: 10 commits pushed by pmurias++
pmurias it would be great if someone reviewed: 09:11
Geth rakudo: 4eb9512442 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Rakudo/Internals/HyperRangeBatcher.pm6
Simplify the HyperRangeBatcher

The ^100 and ^Inf cases are too similar to actually warrant different setup methods.
lizmat afk for most of the day& 09:31
Geth rakudo: titsuki++ created pull request #1636:
Fix typo
|Tux| Rakudo version 2018.03-27-g4eb951244 - MoarVM version 2018.03-3-g2bd691551
csv-ip5xs0.816 - 0.818
csv-ip5xs-207.602 - 7.739
csv-parser36.382 - 36.574
csv-test-xs-200.441 - 0.457
test8.980 - 9.090
test-t2.543 - 2.557
test-t --race1.048 - 1.050
test-t-2045.549 - 45.878
test-t-20 --race15.807 - 16.135
Geth rakudo: b9e1b989ea | (Itsuki Toyota)++ | t/05-messages/02-errors.t
Fix typo
rakudo: a3e4f9e3ed | (Zoffix Znet)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | t/05-messages/02-errors.t
Merge pull request #1636 from titsuki/fix-typo

Fix typo
eater Zoffix++ # :up(*) works :D 13:12
tbrowder_ jnthn: it looks like OO::Actors hangs when testing, and zoffix’s Proc::Q can’t always kill it 14:52
when using Toaster, that is 14:53
Geth nqp: f93fbfab84 | (Jeremy Studer)++ | docs/ops.markdown
docs: Move hash op entry to Hash section

Move hash op entry from Strings section to Hash section.
roast: 487c4e85b8 | pmurias++ | S09-typed-arrays/native-int.t
Fix typo
roast: cabc5b3f33 | pmurias++ | S09-typed-arrays/native-int.t
[js] TODO test on rakudo.js only
dogbert11 ZOFFLOP: t/spec/S09-typed-arrays/native-int.t - not ok 1282 - negative value on uint array becomes positive # TODO highest bit length stays negative, RT #124088 16:39
synopsebot RT#124088 [open]: [SEVERE] Unsigned int in highest bit length, stays negative
MasterDuke dogbert11: and `[12:39] <pmurias> MasterDuke: it fails on all 32bit backends but I guess skipping it on rakudo.js is better` 16:42
dogbert11 MasterDuke: thx 16:50
Geth nqp: c6a9801040 | pmurias++ | src/vm/js/nqp-runtime/core.js
[js] Stop nqp::backtrace from returning frames for thunks
nqp: b5f9716dfa | pmurias++ | src/vm/js/nqp-runtime/core.js
[js] Fix nqp::backtracestring
rakudo/js: a7a8850694 | pmurias++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION
[js] Update NQP_REVISION
roast: dogbert17++ created pull request #405:
Test for RT 127352
synopsebot RT#127352 [open]: [BUG] Behavior of Regular Expressions Contained in a Constant with a Sigil
stmuk_ now with improved branding 18:22
japhb lizmat: Why are all the lines commented out in commit 277359d5d3384559c14bb181830f50ea3db44f1b 18:57
lizmat japhb: good point! 21:49
japhb: indeed, I thought I had activated the HyperRangeBatcher, but evidently I did not 22:09
now that I did, it turns up some new spectest errors
and I'm too tired atm to look at that now in depth
so it will be tomorrow
sleep& 22:10