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brrt \o 14:16
I couldn't sleep last night and had a bunch of ideas 14:19
- We add a type, and a set of opcodes, for 'resources', which (unlike objects) are refcounted
e.g. rather than 'assign_o' you'd have 'assign_r' 14:20
this is probably more dificult than I imagine it to be 14:21
but it might be a thing
- For floating point support, we strictly don't need a STORE_NUM operator, because the tiler will select the right variant there. But it is probably still better, for consistency and simplicity of implementation, to have it anyway 14:22
OTOH, IF/COPY/DO, do not really need it, I can add a polymorphic tile definition and it'll work
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brrt .ask lizmat if you can either check if you can compile jit-expr-float on macOS, given that mininlua needs -lm everywhere but macOS apparently doesn't have it 15:24
yoleaux brrt: I'll pass your message to lizmat.
lizmat --gen-moar=jit-expr-float should do the trick ? 15:25
yoleaux 15:24Z <brrt> lizmat: if you can either check if you can compile jit-expr-float on macOS, given that mininlua needs -lm everywhere but macOS apparently doesn't have it
brrt i have no idea 15:27
try it out :-)
lizmat error: pathspec 'moar=jit-expr-float' did not match any file(s) known to git. 15:30
brrt ehm
well, 'moar=jit-expr-float' isn't the name of the branch ;-) 15:31
lizmat argh 15:32
brrt btw, what is the current state of plan regarding perl and FOSDEM? 15:33
lizmat yeah, --gen-moar=... works better than -gen=moar
brrt: states "Switched to a new branch 'jit-expr-float'" and builds ok after that 15:34
note: this is on High Sierra, not Mojave
notable6 lizmat, Noted!
lizmat thank you notable6 :-) 15:35
brrt hmmm
lizmat maybe when it fails, the MacOS doesn't have XCode installed ?
(as seen earlier today on #perl6) 15:36
brrt I really don't know.... I just know that I read somewhere on the internet that macOS doesn't know what to do with -lm
which is the only lib that minilua needs
(and I could build it without, because I don't think DynASM really uses sqrt etc) 15:37
lizmat brrt: want me to gist the build log ? 15:41
brrt please, yes 15:43
lizmat gist.github.com/lizmat/525c9acaf89...e7d600439e # brrt 15:45
brrt thank you 15:53
lizmat: seems like you didn't have to build minilua? 15:54
lizmat indeed 15:55
brrt hmm 15:58
that's unfortunate because that is the very thing i need to check :-) 15:59
lizmat brrt: perhaps I should nuke some directory ? 16:02
brrt ehm.... the MoarVM directory itself? 16:03
or delete MoarVM/3rdparty/dynasm/minilua
lizmat removed the directory and it doesn't get re-created... 16:08
lizmat nukes MoarVM
also had to nuke "install" 16:09
brrt ☢️ 16:17
lizmat all builds ok for me 16:23
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brrt \o/ 16:25
okay, ehm, I'm inclined to push that patch to master then 16:26
I'd be so surprised if macOS didn't accept -lm. That has worked forever everywhere
lizmat we still have some time before the next release :-)
brrt indeed
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