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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Nemokosch I don't think there is a Digest::SHA module, it should be Digest::SHA1::Native 06:42
Which requires you to have a C compiler and some sort of make tool, probably 06:44
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CIAvash <discord-raku-bot> "<Nemokosch> CIAvash: are you the..." <- yes, but I've used the content of raku.org as well 06:57
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Nemokosch CIAvash: can I add your repo to the "translations" list of the README in the raku.org repo? 07:04
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CIAvash Sure, but it's not just a translation, specially the home and download pages. 07:41
It was supposed to be a replacement github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/158 then it became an alternative website
github.com/CIAvash/raku-website 07:42
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Nemokosch Well Coke didn't know about it and said it should probably be noted that it's not an official site 08:00
The other thing I wanted to ask is related to the site being more than a translation 08:02
If you have content ideas (like your community page is superior imo), please let the "official" doc staff know because it can be useful for raku.org as well
I realize that lack of communication is a problem within content creators. There is also the site of altai-man, I wonder which will be the actually used site 08:04
jjatria tonyo: any breakthroughs re. failed indexing? Is there any way I can help? 08:07
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tonyo jjatria: i don't think so - if you're alright with it i may generate a user key and put the tar you sent me where it can be indexed if you're alright with that 11:55
(the api generates an upload key that the file has to be uploaded to and is verified again later as belonging to the auth that requested it) 11:56
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tonyo if not, i'm going to make a few more changes to try and figure out wtheck is going on. it's not timing out anymore so i maybe should be able to get logs now 12:16
also, that has nothing to do with your password or changing it - the key is just an entry in a db that is only valid for a couple of minutes 12:23
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jjatria tonyo: yeah, sure, I'm happy with that release going out as it was when I sent it. I guess once you figure this out, it'd be nice to have emails going out with a confirmation or an error report, that sort of thing 13:04
Thanks for looking into it!
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patrickb El_Che: re "what rakudo decides": That's whatever anyone with a commit bit makes rakudo.org look. PRs and asking for feedback is good practice of course. 13:22
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patrickb [Coke]_: Feel free to improve rakudo.org. I believe the Download page especially still has head room for improvement. My goal when creating the current one was listing all the options and nudging the user in the direction of the ones working best. Please do whip up a PR if you know how to improve it. 13:27
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[Coke]_ patrickb: I think the easiest fix for linux downloads is to put the rakudo-pkg link *first*. I can do a PR for that, sure. 13:33
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patrickb [Coke]: Go ahead 13:49
[Coke] there are 2 outstanding pull requests from months ago, be nice if those could be considered. (I am redoing my fork now, which may impact one of them.) 13:50
patrickb [Coke]: I only see a single one about the libera chat move. 13:53
And that's a single word change. 13:58
[Coke] Yes, the other one just got removed because I had to update my fork (and the original one was against master) 13:59
I now have 2 in there.
they're all small.
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patrickb I'm unsure we're looking at the same thing. Can you provide a link? 14:00
Do you have a commit bit?
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[Coke] no, or I'd just make these trivial changes. 14:01
(or merge my own prs after a suitable review period with no comments)
github.com/rakudo/rakudo.org/pulls has 3 PRs.
patrickb That's what I was about to suggest. Let's see ifcwe can do something about the commit bit... 14:02
[Coke] 69, 86, 87 (one of which is a replacement for the old #80)
patrickb Now I see them. Had to refresh... 14:03
ping moritz or timo: Can you give coke a rakudo/rakudo.org commit bit? 14:06
moritz it seems lizmat and myself can do that 14:36
[Coke]: what's your github username?
ah, seems to be "coke". Added. 14:38
tonyo jjatria: http tiny is published 14:39
moritz BTW, as a general statement, I seem to have admin privileges nearly everywhere still, even though I hardly do anything with raku anymore. I'm not mad if somebody removes my uber privs in the name of security
jjatria Woo~
moritz if, on the other hand, people find it nice to have somebody who can hand out privs, I can continue doing that
tonyo jjatria: the problem was that it failed to write the main index.json but succeeded in the repo/H/TT/index.json and was refusing to re-index the module because it thought it had existed. there is stuff in place now to actually try to prevent that from happening but because it wasn't there initially it ended up in that state 14:40
jjatria Interesting
So it _would_ have worked if I had bumped the version again? 14:41
patrickb moritz: I think currently it's valuable to have you as in instance we can ask for privs. So I'm in favor of you keeping the admin privs. 14:43
moritz: Thanks!
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patrickb moritz: Btw. I fell short of grant reports in the last months. I did progress though. There should be a working instance up soon. 14:45
Coke: I merged your PRs.
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[Coke] patrickb++ 14:49
tonyo jjatria: yea
[Coke] having moritz around for privs is like having me around for clas, I guess. :| 14:50
moritz [Coke]: an elegent weapon for a more civilized age? :-) 14:51
[Coke] :) 15:11
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[Coke] Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I want to depend on a minimum version in META6.json, I need something like 'depends: [ "Zef::Client:ver<0.14.2+>" ] ', yes? 15:19
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[Coke] (Tried that locally, did 'zef install --deps-only .' and got a note that everything was already installed, which if the versions are consider, they are not.) 15:45
tonyo ugexe: ^ that looks right to me 15:59
[Coke] (to be fair, 0.14.2 isn't released yet, so I may be expecting it to complain when it's telling me that it's done the best it can do, but I think a warning here would be correct) 16:08
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tonyo i'd expect that to error since it can't fulfil the request 16:17
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tonyo vrurg: any ideas on this? gist.github.com/tonyo-tatari/83dab...2261e71501 16:19
ugexe yeah that should work, but 0.14.2 is already released. it looks like REA isn't indexing it though, so you can use the `--p6c` flag in zef to enable the old p6c ecosystem and grab it 16:21
or install via url
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ugexe the reason its not failing is probably because you are doing `zef install .` on your distribution that itself is already installed 16:40
hence it telling you everything is already installed
it never reaches the point of checking dependencies because is-installed(YourModule:ver<whatever>) returns true 16:41
if you bump the version in your META6.json it would have given you an error about not finding the dependency 16:42
[Coke] ah, I didn't bump my version at the same time. good call 16:51
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[Coke] HOLY CRAP is this version faster. 17:19
ugexe yeah, the previous version would re-parse an entire ecosystem worth of json each time it searched for direct dependencies 17:20
although for the `zef` command that wont be any faster, since it only ever searches direct dependencies once
[Coke] Dude. It's insane faster. took 10s of seconds for some of the bigger ones, PDF::Document now runs in < 5s
ugexe++ 17:21
lizmat tonyo: looks like a missing decont to me somewhere 17:24
ugexe: so what isn't picked up by the REA ? 17:25
ugexe zef v0.14.2 was released yesterday
lizmat ah,.. I see... the harvester had died... :-(
it's in the REA now :-) 17:27
[Coke] dropped 0.9.4 of zef-deps which is now blazingly fast, ugexe++
Rog pleasantpheasant - I've had the same issue, actually 17:35
re: certain modules including Digest::SHA not installing on windows 17:36
[Coke] pretty nifty that I was able to spin up a decent sized box on azure and do a build and test things out for about 40 cents.
pleasantpheasant/Rog - can one of you open a ticket on the digest repo with the error? FWIW, I can reproduce it on windows with raku 2022.04.something 17:38
Rog Sure 17:39
[Coke] (closer to 30 cents if I didn't waste some time trying a too-small machine) 17:41
tonyo lizmat: not sure where it'd decont anything, that's being thrown from gen/moar/Optimizer.nqp:2394 (updated gist with full ll-exception) 17:42
Rog github.com/grondilu/libdigest-raku/issues/28 17:48
lizmat tonyo: you could try putting in a: $block := nqp::decont($block) at the start of method visit_block and see if the problem goes away
tonyo: so, did you build the QAST "yourself" ?
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tonyo Yes 18:06
I'll give that a shot
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tonyo lizmat: no change 18:36
lizmat tonyo: then I don't knwo 18:43
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tonyo took three days of mucking around with this but it has|d something to do with flattening a bound array 19:06
ugexe i lied, the zef cli is faster as well. `time raku -I. bin/zef install github.com/ugexe/Raku-App--OpenAPI...idator.git --/test --dry --debug --/cached` is 30s on v0.14.1 and 15s on v0.14.2 19:19
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[Coke] ugexe++ 20:09
tbrowder i’m having trbl with debian rakudopk 20:22
*rakudo-pkg installation. it has worked in the past, but not now. it 20:23
i copy the bash script and execute it as root. it looks like it’s doing the work but nothing gets installed in /opt 20:25
i have also updated apt, then searched for the rakudo-pkg with apt but nothing is found. 20:28
[Coke] I can try on my ubuntu box, one sec. 20:29
tbrowder next i’ll try the longer instructions, but it will be a bit later
[Coke]: thnx! 20:32
[Coke] I followed the ubuntu setup directions from here: nxadm.github.io/rakudo-pkg/ and then did 'sudo apt-get install rakudo-pkg' and got something in /opt 20:42
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tbrowder ok, thnx, i must be missing something 21:33
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El_Che there are also manual instruction on the linked cloudsmith site 21:33
instead of the script 21:34
but the only thing that matters is adding the repo in /etc/apt/sources.d and importing the key
Nemokosch I almost asked why zef isn't available on zef 21:39
"how strange that such a fundamental module isn't available on zef... wait a second" 🤦‍♂️ 21:40
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tbrowder ok, don’t know why first time didn’t work, but looking good now! 22:06
thnx! 22:09
lizmat FWIW, if you install the Rakudo packages of El_Che, you get zef for free! 22:14
Geth raku.org: 2colours++ created pull request #173:
Fixing broken/outdated links on the Whatever site.
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melezhik o/ 22:41
SparkyCI now support license checks using License::SPDX  - twitter.com/melezhik2/status/15730...3215066113
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