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Set by moritz on 22 December 2015.
AlexDaniel yea, and you only need use WWW; 00:00
perllover AlexDaniel still error pastebin.com/7HcPmqLR 00:01
AlexDaniel yeah, that's the point 00:02
perllover yea i understand. but you're saying you wouldn't get such an error when you run that 2-line code ?
AlexDaniel yeah, no error here 00:03
HoboWithAShotgun do we use prepan for 6 modules? if not, is there a similar place?
perllover AlexDaniel what can i do? 00:04
AlexDaniel well, as I said, you can try disabling ipv6 and trying again
perllover do you think there's an easy way to do it in perl5? 00:06
i'm a bit rusty with perl5, however. but a quick way to convert that same code over
i'm nervous to disable ipv6. it looked risky 00:07
am i overreacting about ipv6 ?
AlexDaniel it depends 00:08
perllover depends on? 00:09
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AlexDaniel stuff. :) But if I were you I'd try it, it is probably harmless 00:11
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perlawhirl ed'ed 00:16
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comborico1611 Quiet tonight. 01:28
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Geth doc/master: 11 commits pushed by W4anD0eR96++, (Alex Chen)++
review: github.com/perl6/doc/compare/dbce2...42d87cf59e
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Geth doc: 2212ab26dd | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | type-graph.txt
Introduce new classes
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comborico1611 map { ++$_ } #WRONG map { $_ + 1 } #RIGHT 02:15
Tricky business.
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Geth perl6-most-wanted: holli-holzer++ created pull request #40:
WIP: Units
HoboWithAShotgun when your brain starts to feel like a wet ball of cotton it's time to sleep 02:17
comborico1611 lol 02:18
That's actually quite accurate comparison.
Are you a poet? 02:19
HoboWithAShotgun yeah, and it really gets critical when the fabric dries
comborico1611 I haven't been there.
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HoboWithAShotgun what are your dealings with Perl6 comborico1611? 02:20
comborico1611 A non programmer trying to become a programmer. 02:21
HoboWithAShotgun in hindsight of doing it for a living? 02:22
comborico1611 Correct.
HoboWithAShotgun Oh, that's painful.
comborico1611 Just finished Chapter Nine! 😂
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comborico1611 On to hashes! 02:23
HoboWithAShotgun Because, if you learn to program with Perl6, you will get used to all those great features that simply not exist in other laguages
comborico1611 I learned on C++ 02:24
HoboWithAShotgun And I doubt you will find a Perl 6 job anytime soon.
Geth perl6-most-wanted: ade8a5c53f | holli-holzer++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | most-wanted/modules.md
WIP: Units
perl6-most-wanted: 52c6e3796b | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | most-wanted/modules.md
Merge pull request #40 from holli-holzer/master

WIP: Units
comborico1611 And i agree with you on the first point. As for jobs, i think Rakudo is a promising place for a guy without a certification.
HoboWithAShotgun AlexDaniel++ 24/7
AlexDaniel :)
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AlexDaniel is actually going to bed now 02:28
have a good whatever everyone o/
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comborico1611 I'm almost am, too. 02:28
AlexDaniel releasable6: next
releasable6 AlexDaniel, Next release in 12 days and ≈16 hours. No blockers. 0 out of 134 commits logged
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releasable6 AlexDaniel, Details: gist.github.com/95ccab329b19bc3528...1c5886ff64 02:28
AlexDaniel whoops. 12 days
time flies 02:29
comborico1611 How long have hashes been in programming languages? 02:31
HoboWithAShotgun m: my @a = 1, 2; my ($a, $b) = @a; $a.say 02:33
camelia 1
HoboWithAShotgun m: my %a = :a(1); my (:$a) = %a; $a.say 02:34
camelia a => 1
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HoboWithAShotgun decides to do as AlexDaniel 02:35
byebye 02:36
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comborico1611 Night! 02:37
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comborico1611 Goodnight! 02:47
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Geth doc: 0db8f8c7b7 | (Jeremy Studer)++ | 172 files
Add vim modeline at end of every file without one

The settings in the modeline do the following:
  * Highlight this file as Perl6
  * Expand tabs into 4 spaces
This is helpful for vim users for highlighting an atypical file format and creates formatting consistency with regards to tabs and spacing.
[Coke] ^^ someone might want to make a test for that. (or a ticket to make a tst anyway) 03:39
wander what is declarator `monitor` means 03:40
looks like `class`, what's the difference
timotimo en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monitor_(synchronization) - wander, it's this thing 03:42
timotimo disappears into bed
(nobody saw me)
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wander suddenly find it's in my exam this afternoon 03:45
OS lesson 03:46
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[Coke] m: Telemetry.say 04:24
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared name:
Telemetry used at line 1
[Coke] lizmat: Alex Chen added Telemetry to the typegraph in docs, but it's not a publicly available class. Guessing it should actually be in the type graph. Thoughts? 04:25
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geekosaur m: use Telemetry; 04:43
camelia ( no output )
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Geth Pod-To-HTML/toc-escape: f8db64ba8d | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/Pod/To/HTML.pm
Escape toc text
Pod-To-HTML: W4anD0eR96++ created pull request #27:
Escape toc text
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wander [Coke]: yes, I hesitate if it should be add 05:53
1. Telemetry::Period inherits from Telemetry, this is the main reason I add it
2. However, it's a rakudo-specific class, I wonder if it should even not be in /Types 05:57
That's the problem, other classes in rakudo/rakudo/lib, such like `Pod::To::..`, `NativeCall` are not documented in /Types. But `Telemetry` is thought a useful class, at least lizmat wrote a initial doc of it. 06:00
To resolve this problem, maybe we have to think about where a rakudo-specific class should be documented, if the doc.perl6.org, how we should doc it. 06:01
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wander BTW, docs.perl6.org/type/snapper should not be documents in this place. 06:12
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wander We can start with "Roadmap for our language/ docs" github.com/perl6/doc/issues/114 and consider how the site we want it be. 06:14
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wander go to take an exam 06:16
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holyghost alt.test 08:54
CTCP #perl6 client 08:57
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Geth Pod-To-HTML/toc-escape: d57051b2fc | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/Pod/To/HTML.pm
escape html in toc

  =begin pod
  =TITLE Regex
... (8 more lines)
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Geth Pod-To-HTML: f8db64ba8d | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/Pod/To/HTML.pm
Escape toc text
Pod-To-HTML: d57051b2fc | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/Pod/To/HTML.pm
escape html in toc

  =begin pod
  =TITLE Regex
... (8 more lines)
Pod-To-HTML: 329bc915b3 | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | lib/Pod/To/HTML.pm
Merge pull request #27 from perl6/toc-escape

Escape toc text
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HoboWithAShotgun g'day 11:03
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raschipi day 11:05
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ufobat ola :-) 12:25
census hi 12:29
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ZzZombo Hey, if I `make` a value, calling `<match object>.made` is supposed to give that value back, isn't it? 12:35
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HoboWithAShotgun m: my %a = :a(1), :b(2); my %b = :a(1); say %a <<+>> %b;" 12:50
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Unable to parse expression in double quotes; couldn't find final '"' (corresponding starter was at line 1)
at <tmp>:1
------> 3 :b(2); my %b = :a(1); say %a <<+>> %b;"7⏏5<EOL>
expecting …
HoboWithAShotgun m: my %a = :a(1), :b(2); my %b = :a(1); say %a <<+>> %b; 12:51
camelia {a => 2}
HoboWithAShotgun what's the idiomatic way to get { a => 2, b => 2 } ?
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HoboWithAShotgun m: my %a = :a(1), :b(2); my %b = :a(1); say %( |%a, |%b, |(%a <<+>> %b) ) 12:54
camelia {a => 2, b => 2}
HoboWithAShotgun too ugly
timotimo what are you trying to do?
add the values together?
HoboWithAShotgun that. summing two hashes, result must have all keys 12:55
timotimo well, with >>+>> it works for that example at least 12:56
>>+<< gives you the union of keys
HoboWithAShotgun mmh. actually i am trying to do that with a hash of int. 13:07
m: my $a = (my Int % = :A(-2), :g(1), :m(2), :s(-3)); my $b = (my Int % = :A(1)); say $a >>+<< $b;
camelia Invocant of method 'Bridge' must be an object instance of type 'Int', not a type object of type 'Int'. Did you forget a '.new'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
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timotimo oh? it's perhaps misunderstanding the default return value of an Int hash? 13:18
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timotimo m: my $a = (my Int % is default(0) = :A(-2), :g(1), :m(2), :s(-3)); my $b = (my Int % is default(0) = :A(1)); say $a >>+<< $b; 13:24
camelia {A => -1, g => 1, m => 2, s => -3}
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timotimo aha, hyper hypers the values from both hashes together "quietly", that's why the + operator won't complain when one of the sides is undefined 13:29
but this "undefined turns to 0" is a feature of Any, not of Int
m: say Int + 5 13:30
camelia Invocant of method 'Bridge' must be an object instance of type 'Int', not a type object of type 'Int'. Did you forget a '.new'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo i feel like the + operator (and likely many others) should also support one or both sides being undefined
lizmat m: say 1 + Any # it does ? 13:35
camelia Use of uninitialized value of type Any in numeric context
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
lizmat m: quietly say 1 + Any # it does ? 13:36
camelia 1
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ZzZombo <ZzZombo> Hey, if I `make` a value, calling `<match object>.made` is supposed to give that value back, isn't it? 13:36
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timotimo sorry 13:44
i mean one of the side being undefined Int
m: say Int + 1 13:45
camelia Invocant of method 'Bridge' must be an object instance of type 'Int', not a type object of type 'Int'. Did you forget a '.new'?
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo that's what breaks >>+<< with Int-declared hashes
(unless you have a default)
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timotimo ZzZombo: yes, it's supposed to. what are you seeing? 13:55
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tyil !p6 my $i = 0; $i += 5; say $i; 13:56
m: my $i = 0; $i += 5; say $i; 13:57
camelia 5
tyil !p6 my $i = 0; $i ⁺= 5; say $i;
m: my $i = 0; $i ⁺= 5; say $i;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my $i = 0; $i7⏏5 ⁺= 5; say $i;
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement modifier
AlexDaniel p6: my $i = 0; $i ⁺= 5; say $i;
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
at <tmp>:1
------> 3my $i = 0; $i7⏏5 ⁺= 5; say $i;
expecting any of:
infix stopper
statement end
statement modifier
tyil anyway, that
AlexDaniel u: ⁺
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, U+207A SUPERSCRIPT PLUS SIGN [Sm] (⁺)
tyil it doesnt like it when using the unicode +
AlexDaniel there's no unicode + that I know of 13:58
that's superscript +
there is unicode minus tho
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, U+00B1 PLUS-MINUS SIGN [Sm] (±)
AlexDaniel, 13 characters in total: gist.github.com/de6599a35d4de60f97...298007def7
AlexDaniel m: my $x = 5; $x −= 2; say $x
camelia 3
tyil its the small + as seen on docs.perl6.org/language/unicode_ascii
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AlexDaniel but that's so that you can do this: 13:59
m: say 2⁺³²
camelia 4294967296
AlexDaniel m: say 2⁻³²
camelia 0.00000000023
tyil ah
my bad then
sorry 14:00
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AlexDaniel note that it doesn't do math, so you can't do ³⁺² 14:00
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AlexDaniel docs also say “as part of exponentiation” :) 14:00
sproctor If we require a c lib to be installed for a module is there anyway of specifying it in the Meta? Or should the module include tests that fail in a helpful fashion if the lib doesn't exist? 14:01
AlexDaniel hmmm but the provided ASCII equivalents are maybe wrong, because it's a feature of its own
tyil sproctor: currently none afaik
I've tried using the method expained in the design docs, but I was told those were wrong 14:02
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Geth Pod-To-HTML: 6eaff49839 | (Alex Chen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META6.json
Bump version
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wander several hours ago I saw this page 14:08
so hyper is an interesting while confusing part of Perl 6 14:09
timotimo last update was on 10 dec 2015?
wander especially whitespace matters
timotimo given that hyper has just been re-implemented, i'd say this page might want to be reconsidered 14:10
wander yes, I saw it because the latest update of the repo is some hours ago
`has just`? when
jdv79 every midnight i want to calc "tomorrow at midnight" in my local tz and handle daylight savings and leap seconds properly. how would you do that in p6? 14:11
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ZzZombo ugh, it's strange, I `make` an object that is then saved into an attribute of the actions object for the grammar, but it somehow always comes as the type object, i. e. it's not initialized to the value I gave. 14:13
wander ZzZombo: what's the code
timotimo ZzZombo: could be a different match object you're looking at for some reason. or you could be storing Nil and it's restoring the default value because your rakudo is too old? 14:15
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timotimo m: "a" ~~ /./; make Nil; say $/.made 14:15
camelia Nil
timotimo c: 2017.01 "a" ~~ /./; make Nil; say $/.made
committable6_ timotimo, ¦2017.01: «Nil»
timotimo oh, that wasn't the bug, then?
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comborico1611 Why does a hash print out with => instead of -> ? 14:25
timotimo because the => operator is how you create pairs
wander m: :b(3).perl
camelia ( no output )
wander m: :b(3).perl.say
camelia :b(3)
timotimo there's different ways to print out a hash, though
wander: that's just the pair, though
wander m: { :b(3), c(4)}.perl.say 14:26
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Undeclared routine:
c used at line 1
wander m: { :b(3), :c(4)}.perl.say
camelia {:b(3), :c(4)}
comborico1611 But printing-out a value is not involved with creating pairs.
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wander m: { :b(3), :c(4)}.^name.say 14:26
camelia Hash
wander comborico1611: for what reason you think it should print out with -> ? 14:27
comborico1611 The book reads printouts with ->
wander Think Perl 6? which page?
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timotimo m: say { hello => "world", seeya => "goodbye" } 14:28
camelia {hello => world, seeya => goodbye}
comborico1611 Technically as comments. # -> value
timotimo that's not about hashes
that just means "here's what that evaluates to"
wander agree
comborico1611 All the pages. 167 for instance.
timotimo (either "what it evaluates to" or "what it prints out", depending on what the author likes more) 14:29
comborico1611 Oh, i see.
wander in the very page, I've only found "# -> Found it!"
comborico1611 That's the print out. 14:30
I thought prompt returned -> value
wander I think it means "# OUTPUT: «Found it␤»"
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comborico1611 I see. 14:30
timotimo there ought to be a section near the front of the book that explains things like that
wander so it has nothing to do with hash 14:31
comborico1611 P.184 top is where my question was.
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comborico1611 He should have wrote on page 184 this: -> one => uno 14:31
He's just not been consistent with how he is doing the output. Actually now that I think about it, what's going on is he's using the other mode of rikudo. 14:32
ZzZombo I `make` it this way in my `section` action method: `make my $section=Grammar::VDF::Section.new(:name($<name>.made),:condition($<conditional>.made));`
later I assign that in another action method (by calling `$<section>.made`) and I get the type object instead.
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comborico1611 Question answered thanks guys 14:33
timotimo dumb question, but the value in $section is correct afterwards?
wander code snip? 14:34
m: "a" ~~ /./; make my $x = 42; $/.made.say
camelia 42
wander m: class A { has $.x }; "a" ~~ /./; make my A $x = A.new(:x(4096)); $/.made.say 14:35
camelia A.new(x => 4096)
comborico1611 Perl6 alias Rekudo! 14:36
wander I have been working on Grammar for some time. There are problems caused not always as you think. 14:37
comborico1611 That would handle the Rakudo compiler vs alias confusion.
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comborico1611 Or Racoondo! 14:38
wander maybe you call `$<section>.made`, but `$<section>` is this time an Array
comborico1611 Rakundo!
wander well in this case it cause compile error, but FWIW, grammar is something new 14:39
comborico1611 RakUNDO, get it?
timotimo m: say [1, 2, 3].made 14:40
camelia No such method 'made' for invocant of type 'Array'. Did you mean any of these?

in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
timotimo wander: if you accidnetally call .made on an array it explodes like that
wander "[22:39] <wander> well in this case it cause compile error,"
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wander I see XD 14:40
timotimo oh 14:41
Geth mu: aaa173d49c | (Zoffix Znet)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | misc/perl6advent-2017/schedule
dibsify Dec 12: "Concise Perl 6 IO"
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wander m: grammar { token TOP { | 'if ' <mywords>+ | 'else ' <mywords> }; token mywords { \w } }.parse("else w", actions => class { method TOP($/) { say $/<mywords>.^name }}) 14:46
camelia Array
wander m: grammar { token TOP { | 'if ' <mywords> | 'else ' <mywords> }; token mywords { \w } }.parse("else w", actions => class { method TOP($/) { say $/<mywords>.^name }})
camelia <anon|79556384>
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holyghost2 I misposted my HollyGame toolkit for writing games at pause, I am probably going to port it to non-inline perl6 14:47
wander real world issue, I crashed it once
holyghost2 It's at holyghost.yellowcouch.org/perl5/src
timotimo holyghost2: i was quite confused by the email you sent :)
comborico1611 Is Binding the same as Aliasing?
holyghost2 you were ?
timotimo yeah, the file you attached looked like 1:1 my particle system example from the SDL2::Raw repository 14:48
holyghost2 ok, I tried to port a small game library
It's still an issue
timotimo the url you just posted is also 404 :(
holyghost2 aaaaaagh!
I do not remember the /ctcp send 14:49
census i'm unable to run this code on my computer pastebin.com/qnYAZJ7v but it should work. it works on other perl6 computers
holyghost2 timotimo : I will first try to make it perl6 from perl5
I need a little time for that as I forgot my perl6 skills 14:50
wander census: error msg?
timotimo holyghost2: you'll probably find many sdl2 functions missing; that's just because i didn't know what order to do things in. if you need anything, feel free to open an issue on github or maybe even a pull request
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census wander actually it just worked 14:51
for weeks it wasn't working
wander sounds fine :) 14:53
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holyghost2 timotimo : It's SDL 1.2 in HollyGame module now 14:53
census wander can i show you the next part of my code now?
holyghost2 I still need to port it to SDL 2 :: Raw or something
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timotimo the sdl2 module doesn't expose any of the surface blitting stuff that you'd use if you only have sdl 1 14:54
wander I'm not an expert on that.
census wander an expert on what?
wander WWW or net
census what am i doing wrong that the code outputs '3' every time? pastebin.com/FAicYnH3 14:55
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holyghost2 timotimo : should I port to SDL 2 ? 14:56
timotimo i haven't seen your game kit yet, so i have no idea
holyghost2 WAM 14:57
It's in the ftp incoming of pause
perlpilot holyghost2: I haven't seen your stuff either, but I think you should port it to SDL2 ;->
holyghost2 perlpilot : yeah that's something I have to do 14:58
wander .ask zoffix I bump version for Pod::To::HTML, but cannot upgrade with zef. also seems doc.perl6.org don't build with the newest Pod::To::HTML. why?
yoleaux wander: I'll pass your message to zoffix.
holyghost2 It's a stupid class overriding system of a 2D collision system and some lists for NPCs 14:59
It's ok but basic
You can override with SDL images and so on 15:00
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comborico1611 Ryn, where you from? 15:01
holyghost2 timotimo : does holyghost.yellowcouch.org resolve ? 15:02
comborico1611 I think might know you.
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census is someone good with WWW ? 15:03
timotimo yes, but it just gives me the yellowcouch.org website
census for any input, i always get 3 as the output pastebin.com/FAicYnH3 15:04
ZzZombo <timotimo> dumb question, but the value in $section is correct afterwards?
Well, almost... it itself lacks another object field that is set later in the `section` method... I wonder if it's the same thing.
holyghost2 ok 15:05
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ZzZombo I mean, the the name and value attributes of sections are ok, but not parent. 15:05
parent is another section, and it's also undefined, even tho I do set it. 15:06
Example: `Grammar::VDF::Section.new(condition => Grammar::VDF::Condition, name => "04", parent => Grammar::VDF::Node)`
(condition is supposed to be undef right now, but maybe it's bugged as well). 15:07
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holyghost2 timotimo : gomez.yellowcouch.org/hollysrc-1.24.tar.gz 15:15
timotimo : the HollyGame module
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comborico1611 m: my %test = <a 1 b 2 c 3>; say %test.kv ; 15:17
camelia (a 1 c 3 b 2)
comborico1611 m: my %test = <a 1 b 2 c 3>; say pairs %test;
camelia (a => 1 c => 3 b => 2)
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Zoffix wander: RE: "but cannot upgrade with zef" did you do `zef update`? RE: "seems doc.perl6.org don't build with the newest" did anyone upgrade the module on the build box? 15:23
3.9 installed, so no 15:25
Zoffix upgrades
wander: you can also install from github URLs btw; that way you don't need to wait for ecosystem list to update or to run `zef update`: zef --force install github.com/perl6/Pod-To-HTML.git 15:26
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Zoffix census: so number of rows in parsed CSV always gives you three... Sounds like dumping that CSV and ensuring it got right data up in it might be a good idea. 15:29
You'll find it's not CSV at all, but just an HTML document, so your URL is wrong 15:30
15:30 Piotr_ joined, census2 joined
census2 Zoffix thanks. I've made some progress. 15:31
census pastebin.com/6t6x05sj
census2 It should say 755, but it says 978
15:32 mcmillhj joined
wander yes, i miss `update` 15:33
Zoffix census2: why do you think it shouls say 755? 15:34
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census2 Zoffix because when i downloaded the .csv manually there are 757 rows but the first 2 are meaningless so 755 15:34
Zoffix census2: I get 993 rows total when I open that CSV in Excel. With first 2 meaningless. 15:35
"that CSV" => the file downloaded by the program 15:36
census2 Zoffix i'm a little confused even why 993 if the code i'm running says 978 15:37
I appreciate your looking into it! Are you saying the code is telling you 993 or you went to the website directly and got 993
wander Zoffix: what is "upgrade the module on the build box" means?
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wander bad syntax :( 15:37
Zoffix census2: if I go to patents.google.com/?q=Cancer&c...g:20010101 and click "Download CSV" I get 793 rows. But if I use the link the program uses ( patents.google.com/xhr/query?url=q...nload=true ) I get 993 rows. So sounds like you got your CSV URL in the program wrong. 15:39
census2: the program says there's 991 rows, not 978 to me
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wander what "upgrade the module on the build box" means? 15:39
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Zoffix wander: the docs site is built every $n minutes in a cronjob on our "hack" server. It doesn't get updated modules automatically. Someone needs to log into is as `rakudobrew` user and install the upgraded module if updates in a module need to be propagated to the docs site 15:40
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Zoffix I already done it for the last update. So the docs site should be using latest version now 15:41
census2 Zoffix that's because it's 2 different years. the first one is based on 2001 and the second one is based on 1990. i thought both attempt in my code are based on 1990
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Zoffix OK 15:41
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wander thanks 15:41
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census2 Zoffix okay I got the 993 you got now too when I did it manually with the internet 15:43
okay it worked just now ! :) 15:44
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Zoffix Sweet \o/ 15:44
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census2 Zoffix i feel it's like a random number generator though. it's so bizarre 15:46
i ran the code 3 times. i got 991, 981, and 988. only 991 is correct though
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comborico1611 What is the \t here: $key\t%histogram{ } 15:49
Zoffix comborico1611: tab character 15:50
m: :42foo.gist.perl.say
camelia "foo => 42"
Zoffix m: :42foo.Str.perl.say
camelia "foo\t42"
comborico1611 Thank you. What is /t ?
Zoffix /t?
comborico1611 Nothing?
Zoffix Which /t?
comborico1611 I thought newline was /n. 15:51