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Set by Zoffix on 27 July 2018.
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releasable6 Next release in ≈3 days and ≈7 hours. 2 blockers. Please log your changes in the ChangeLog: 11:00
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jdv79 i noticed compilation may have gotten faster in the last 2 weeks or so (was on vaca). did anything big happen? 14:57
maybe ~15% 14:58
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jnthn Hm, that's quite a lot. 15:14
I'm not sure about in the last 2 weeks, but at least fairly recently I let NQP and Rakudo have different inline limits, since the Rakudo one led to some less than awesome decisions for NQP code. 15:15
And did see some `make spectest` time decrease from that
So it's possibly related
jdv79 nice 15:16
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AlexDani` o/ 15:28
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jnthn o/ 15:29
timotimo o/
AlexDaniel 15:30
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AlexDaniel by the way, please ping people who take care of the infrastructure in that ticket 15:50
I'm realizing that I know absolutely nothing about that
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AlexDaniel fyi I'll be away till May 20th, and then some more after that. Unfortunately my involvement for at least two months will be very limited for reasons out of my control 16:51
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AlexDaniel m: say (v1.0.0).Str 18:17
evalable6 1.0.0
AlexDaniel interesting.
m: say (v1.0.0).gist
evalable6 v1.0.0
AlexDaniel some people include “v” in their tags, some don't
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nine Just pushed Test reproducibility of precompilation 21:02
This hopefully ensures that I'll again never have to spend a weekend hunting these down :)
MasterDuke nine++ 21:03
timotimo cool 21:07
jnthn nine++ 21:15
MasterDuke jnthn: have you seen my question on ? 21:20
jnthn MasterDuke: ah, no, I missed that 21:21
Hmm, I wonder if that issue is connected to the recursion issue or not 21:22
No immediate guesses, though 21:23
MasterDuke huh 21:24
jnthn I don't get why it's got an NQPArray there rather than dumping it...
I'd think if it was because it saw it earlier it's also say <self-reference> 21:25
I'm still not sure where the self-reference comes from, mind 21:27
Oh, I note earlier in the ticket it still had that problem dumping the statements even before my recursion fix, when the self-reference was added 21:30
You posted that, even :)
Which makes it look like that is a separate issue, which was my gut feeling looking at it too.
So maybe that bit broke previously
afk for a bit 21:34
MasterDuke jnthn: sorry, what is a separate issue? that `rule lang-version` recurses? 21:41
which i don't understand why it does, it looks like the only thing in it are <version> and <vnum>, neither of which call <lang-version> 21:43
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lizmat .tell nine alas, t/02-rakudo/reproducible-builds.t fails for me on MacOS 22:14
yoleaux lizmat: I'll pass your message to nine.
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travis-ci Rakudo build failed. Stefan Seifert 'Test reproducibility of precompilation 22:15
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jnthn MasterDuke: No, that statement reports NQPArray instead of dumping the statements 22:29
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