Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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Nicholas [* GOOD *] 08:20
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lizmat m: my uint $a = 2; my uint $b = -1; say $a; say $b; say $a > $b # this feels... wrong ? nine 11:51
camelia 2
lizmat wrong in the sense that apparently the uint is interpreted as an int in the expression >
jnthn Looks wrong to me, yes 11:52
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lizmat looks to be wrong at nqp level: 11:55
m: my uint $a = 2; my uint $b = -1; say $a; say $b; use nqp; say nqp::isgt_i($a,$b)
camelia 2
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lizmat I probably should make that a MoarVM issue, right ? 12:00
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nine The nqp::isgt_i($a,$b) result here is correct. You are asking it to interpret the values as (signed) ints. What you want is nqp::isgt_u which doesn't exist yet (but is trivial to implement) 12:13
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lizmat I'm afraid I'm not tall enough to reach that low hanging fruit 12:22
I will need something to lift me for that
do I just start adding ops to interp.c ? 12:29
jnthn lizmat: 1. Add to src/core/oplist, see the instructions at the top for where to put it. 2) run tools/update_ops.raku. 3) add implementtation in interp.c. 4) Add a mapping in NQP (src/vm/moar/QAST/QASTOperationsMAST.nqp or similar) 12:34
(All names from memory, so probably at least one is wrong :))
lizmat thanks, I'll have a stab at it 12:37
m: use nqp; dd nqp::uname 12:43
camelia BOOTStrArray("Linux", "5.3.18-59.10-default", "#1 SMP Fri Jun 25 12:36:56 UTC 2021 (6856d31)", "x86_64")
lizmat interesting
wonder what that does on Win
ok, will look at this in more depth once I get the next release of App::Rak out 12:48
which should be soon :-)
meanwhile, I'll use 0x7fff_ffff_ffff_ffff for the largest positive value :-) 12:49
[Coke] * :watch: [Sep-23] - Inna Bembenok's last day! 12:51
BOOTStrArray("Windows_NT", "10.0.19044", "Windows 10 Enterprise", "x86_64") 12:52
Do I have like 2 different cut and paste buffers? so annoying.
lizmat: ^^
lizmat [Coke]++ 12:53
patrickb o/ 13:50
I issued a GitHub App installation request for the MoarVM project. Can someone with permissions to do so grant that request? That app is part of the Rakudo CI bot I'm working on. I don't plan to change the current CI workflow yet, but having the permission allows preparing things and running noninvasive tests. 13:57
lizmat patrickb: fwiw, I've just okd this for rakudo / raku 14:04
patrickb thanks! 14:11
lizmat: Can you somehow give the app access to the rakudo/nqp repos only? 14:13
lizmat you mean rakudo/rakudo and raku/nqp ? 14:14
patrickb: afaics, it is already limited to rakudo/rakudo and raku/nqp 14:18
[Coke] I read his send as rakudo&nqp, aye. 14:23
patrickb OK. Then it's already fine in those two repos / projects. 14:31
So MoarVM/MoarVM is left. 14:32
lizmat patrickb: I don't have sufficient rights for that, I think only jnthn does 14:34
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jnthn patrickb: Wehre should I find the installation request? I don't see it 14:58
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patrickb I don't know. lizmat: Where have you seen the request? 16:09
lizmat in my mail box
jnthn I saw requests for Raku and rakudo orgs in my mailbox, but not a MoarVM one
lizmat Subject: [Github] RakudoCIBot is requesting updated permissions 16:10
patrickb Ah, then I'll see if I can re-do the MoarVM request. 16:13
Maybe I have just re done a request... 16:14
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jnthn Think it's approved 16:22
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patrickb Looks good on my side as well. Thanks! 16:29
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jnthn Welcome :) 17:14
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MasterDuke interesting, for all the nqp::is(lt|le|gt|ge)_ there are _i, _I, _n, and _s variants. but for nqp::is(eq|ne)_ there's only _i, _I, _n 18:13
tellable6 2022-09-22T06:51:08Z #moarvm <nine> MasterDuke: yes it is
MasterDuke doh. ignore that 18:17
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