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Closes #109.
Skarsnik How I can use the websocket object inside a websocket route? I went to send my client a message on connection, not sure how since we only got a supply x) 16:59
japhb Skarsnik: MUGS-Core has code for this. Lemme dig it up ... 17:01
github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS-Core/blo...et.rakumod and github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS-Core/blo...et.rakumod are the two ends of the connection stream. 17:02
github.com/Raku-MUGS/MUGS-Core/blo...es.rakumod is where I convert from route to Connection 17:03
Skarsnik hm, you recreate the whole route thingy? 17:04
jnthnwrthngtn Skarsnik: You return a `supply` block and use `emit` in it to send the message (if you want to send a message on connection, just `emit` it right away)
Roughly: get -> 'ws' { websocket -> $incoming { supply { emit 'Oh hi!'; whenever $incoming -> $msg { #`(handle incoming messages) } } } 17:05
japhb Skarsnik: Mine method is a bit more complicated in order to allow swapping different connection methods. :-) 17:06
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Skarsnik Thank :) 17:14
websocket in webasm are not fun 17:15
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