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Xliff_ Can someone tell me why my MySQL handles go away when using then in Cro? 22:08
japhb Go away? 22:09
Xliff_ "Mysql server has gone away..." 22:11
It either does that or gets lost.
Also, sockets close when I am trying to debug away exceptions in controllers.
japhb Hmmm, keepalive timeouts? 22:32
lizmat yeah, I seem to recall MySQL requires a ping from the clients to keep the connection alive? 22:40
also: that's settable in the MySQL config, as far as I remember
Xliff_ lizmat/japh: Yes, but both errors occur on app server STARTUP. 22:49
jnthnwrthngtn Perhaps trying to share a single connection over multiple threads and it's getting confused? 22:54
(I think DB::MySQL probably has the same connection pooling thing as with other DB::*, which makes this easier to get right; iirc, DBIish doesn't) 22:55
Xliff_ jnthnwrthngtn: So you suggest using DB::MySQL? 22:58
Or implementing a DB pool.
What is the best way to get thread id in raku? 22:59
jnthnwrthngtn $*THREAD.id 23:05
I've had much better luck with the DB:: series of modules
I implemented a pooling scheme when using DBIish because (at least at the time) it was the only option for SQLite
But for Postgres I always reach for DB::Postgres, because it does the pooling for me, and I prefer the API more generally. 23:06
Time for some rest o/
Xliff_ jnthnwrthngtn: Thanks. I was hoping to NOT have to deal with differing APIs, hence DBIish. 23:09
I will look into the DB::* modules. 23:10