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lizmat hmmm... looks like the "Prolific Authors" list is borked? 12:37
I mean, I know that Jonathan Stowe has way more than 33 modules, and he's not in the list ?
hmmm... looks like it is missing a lot of modules generally? 12:38
JSON::Fast unknown? 12:39
794 modules ?
it doesn't look like it's missing all items from a particular ecosystem backend, or letters 13:06
JRaspass Ah it might this recent change: invalid input value for enum "from": "Raku" raku.land/build, should be fixable 13:42
ah it's the Zef bump, it's mapping Perl6 to Raku 13:45
lizmat intriguing 13:46
JRaspass easily fixed, just need to update the enum, might just be able to rename the field instead though if Zef::Dist never reports the old one now 13:48
lizmat cool....
JRaspass alter type "from" rename value 'Perl6' to 'Raku'; next ingest should find a lot more dists, i think every dist with a dep is borked atm 13:49
only reference to "Perl6" left in the RL codebase is the name of the CPAN directory, I guess that's never changing, not until we kill off CPAN and P6C I guess 13:57
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