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holyghost I've uploaded v0.1.4 of Game::Quest, should be functional now if you overridethe layer and room and the Quest class. 08:33
Later on I'll do the text/keyboard interface
Each room should have a collision detection method that goes into Quest.pm6 to put the player update system on noupdate 08:36
player.move-not; 08:39
Game::Quest v0.1.5 has been uploaded, there's a text lookup system in now such as "look at" and "body" targets something in a matrix 13:38
A loop object for in-game films e.g. if you kneel and pick something up 13:39
is in also
I didn't make examples in the package as that is left to the reader and does not clutter up the files 13:40
each room then gets a BAM (bi-assoc matrix) system where you can "look at", "search", etc. in a small parser 13:45
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