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holyghost I've programmed a Titus the Fox demo, where you can jump on enemies and move around the room 12:53
Then I took out the room and entity classes and started on a space quest
Both were coded in python on windows 7 12:54
Next I will try to make some rooms for the games (levels) 12:55
If all goes well, I'll code something up in raku next week again 12:56
something game related
I cannot give them away as both games are copyrighted, I might put something online without the graphics though 12:58
wait a mintue 12:59
www.mediafire.com/file/g7llcd6gafi...1.zip/file 13:01
There they are ^^ :-) 13:02
Don't tell it was holly ! :-) 13:03
you may adapt them e.g. to perl6 or something, they're BSD licensed for "good" measure 13:05
s/perl6/raku 13:08
These are just for our crew
Again, if you want to use the above software (I got a complaint for sharing) change the name titus to something else in the code and do not use the graphics 14:00
the jumping algorithm (as in super mario bros.) is free
So then you have a more regular platform game 14:01
I'm sorry
AFAIK you do not have to have a license for a platform game with jumping on enemies 14:02
Lots of those for free in your ACME store
I've just started on a quest system for old sierra games in raku, I will make a free version of the game where no one has a hassle 14:04
Also, note the BSD license that comes with the program 14:05
Game::Quest has been uploaded 14:31
game kit for old sierra adventure games 14:32
(just started nothing functional yet
) 14:33
I will add player and non-player entities later on. As well as a room system. 14:35
Scrips for geenrating things should become easy 14:37
I've put in a Room, ImageLibrary (for getting image loops e.g. for walking) and an Entiy (v0.1.2) 14:59
*Entity 15:01
japhb Moving right along, it sounds like. :-) 15:35
holyghost :-) 15:39
I've put v0.1.3 online, has a player class which can move under keyboard controls 15:40
SFY 15:41
holyghost is going to rest for a while
I'll continue onit later on, should be made in a jiffy 15:43
demos maybe, but needs more room stuff 15:44
anyway, I'm off, I'll comment on it more tomorrow
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