8 Dec 2019
AlexDaniel simcop2387: cool 03:46
simcop2387 in fact while i wait for the superglue to dry i'll do that now 03:47
perlbot: reload_plugins 03:49
perlbot simcop2387: Attempting to reload plugins...
10 Dec 2019
atweiden-air i'm using rakudo 2019.11 on macos, the date is currently 2019-12-11 where i'm at, but perl 6 thinks it's 2019-12-10 22:29
does anyone else have this bug? 22:30
oh sry, i'm on 2019.07.1 22:31
(forgot rakudo 2019.11 is FTBFS on macos so far) 22:32
Grinnz atweiden-air: the channel has moved to #raku 22:33
13 Dec 2019
socomm Getting following error when running perl6 on fedora "Unhandled exception: While looking for 'ModuleLoader.moarvm': no such file or directory at <unknown>:1 (/usr/lib64/perl6/runtime/perl6.moarvm:<dependencies+deserialize>)" 14:31
I hope this is the right channel to ask. 14:32
Grinnz socomm: the channel has moved to #raku 14:37
socomm thx
antoniogamiz hi! what extension should i use now for raku files? 19:06
17 Dec 2019
samcv fyi the perl and raku conference has been announced as of today perlrakucon.eu :-) 20:07
rba samcv++ 20:33
20 Dec 2019
mialn123 hi I am new to perl6 i'll need some help 18:18
how can i add numbers and print to the screen
1 Jan 2020
perlbot Harrycig pasted a new file at perl.bot/p/aoyy3p - 13:29
2 Jan 2020
Xliff . 06:54
mojca I would like to ask for some help building rakudo on macOS. Version 2019.07.1 built just fine. With 2019.11 I'm running into the following issue: paste.macports.org/e57b325c634d 10:13
Failed to flush filehandle: Operation not supported
The tests from nqp seem to all pass. 10:14
Doc_Holliwood m: say $*PERL.compiler; 15:18
evalable6 rakudo (2019.11.340.g.037.affddc)
Doc_Holliwood Why is the website still pointing to 2019.03 when we have .11 on the release page? 15:32
5 Jan 2020
tinita hi, I have a question. where does rakudo put the precompiled script? if I call a script for a second time, it is faster, but I can't find the place where it's cached 00:07
I'm asking also because there seems to be no precompiling if I call a script belonging to root as a normal user 00:16
oh, wrong channel i guess 00:18
9 Jan 2020
fluca1978 my memory is not serving me well: how could I extract the title from a line like 'title: "A B"'? 13:17
I thought something like /title:\s? \".*\"/ but apparently it is not working 13:18
shame on me, the colon must be escaped /title\:\s+ \"$<title>=.*\" / 13:20
sena_kun m: say 'title: "A B"' ~~ / 'title: "' $<title>=.*? '"' / 13:29
evalable6 「title: "A B"」
title => 「A B」
sena_kun fluca1978, ^
fluca1978 thanks sena_kun 13:31
10 Jan 2020
jeffythedragonsl can anyone recommend some good first issues? 02:48
17 Jan 2020
Doc_Holliwood uh, guys i'm so happy. from next week on i can test raku modules on iOS 22:39
just got from my employer, the new hardware is underway: www.apple.com/de/shop/buy-mac/imac...-ghz)-1tb#
22 Jan 2020
mcmillhj Is there something built-in I can use for benchmarking? Or a module that anyone would recommend for this use? 14:07
23 Jan 2020
alipoor90 join #perl 10:37
24 Jan 2020
fluca1978 in my MAIN I would like to accept an optional year value made by four digits, so I thougth this could do the trick sub MAIN( Int :year? where { $_ ~~ / \d ** 4 / || die 'Year must be of four digits!' } ) 08:25
however, this prevents the $year to be optional...
I found it: where { ! .defined || $_ ~~ / \d ** 4 / || die 'Year must be of four digits!' } 08:37
see <docs.raku.org/type/Signature#index...clause> section 'Constraining optional arguments' 08:38
pistacchio Hi, How do I use Django ORM to retrieve a list of ORM Objects grouped by one or more fields and have back only the first record of each group given an arbitrary "order by" clause? 09:40
26 Jan 2020
AlexDaniel alright 06:09
I have no idea what I'm doing so bear with me
about ≈170 users here 06:14
about 30 leave every day, so I guess I can just wait a little and just let most of you naturally reconnect and get forwarded? 06:15
it's a better strategy than letting you idle on an empty channel anyway 06:16
Grinnz 👍 07:41