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ugexe install of perl6 module from jdv's metacpan clone: gist.github.com/ugexe/9f382c8595226aa9bae0 00:25
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ZoffixWin w00t! awesome :D 00:42
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AlexDaniel “Internal error: zeroed target thread ID in work pass” hmm 01:13
geekosaur we already have a few reports of that? 01:20
AlexDaniel geekosaur: ah, ok then 01:30
I just ran it again and it worked. Weird thing 01:31
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ugexe i get them randomly too. usually related to run() 01:40
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ely-se .tell masak I started working on the type concatenative thing again, got the arity part of type inference working now: gist.github.com/rightfold/9e9ba03a...js-L38-L53 01:55
yoleaux ely-se: I'll pass your message to masak.
ely-se .botsnack
yoleaux :D
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ely-se .tell masak well, to some extent :p 02:04
yoleaux ely-se: I'll pass your message to masak.
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timotimo here's a fun bug for you: 02:56
m: my Int:D @foo; say @foo[1]
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/iofmqLuglf line 1␤␤»
timotimo whoever wants to can file that in RT
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azawawi good morning #perl6 02:58
pasteboard.co/1dCMZs5g.png # More image effects implemented 02:59
AlexDaniel azawawi: nice. What's the module? 03:09
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azawawi github.com/azawawi/perl6-magickwan...ffects.pl6 # MagickWand 03:10
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AlexDaniel azawawi++ 03:12
azawawi: thanks
azawawi thx
AlexDaniel azawawi: what is $o in in $o.cleanup example? 03:13
in README.md
was it meant to be $wand ?
azawawi think of it as a handle to an image 03:14
or multiple images
because you could for example add multiple images and then create an animated gif 03:15
or an AVI or MP4 movie via ffmpeg
it is really a powerful api 03:16
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AlexDaniel azawawi: I'm not sure if I'm folliwing it. Should the example actually show something that does not compile? 03:17
or perhaps consider adding a comment like # $o is a handle to some image 03:18
azawawi sure i will update it
i will add a user guide after finishing 02-effects.pl6 03:19
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AlexDaniel azawawi: why nobody made it earlier? 03:22
azawawi AlexDaniel: i see what you mean... yes $o.cleanup should be $wand.cleanup
AlexDaniel: help is welcome :) 03:24
AlexDaniel: i started this project like 10 days ago
AlexDaniel azawawi: yeah, I see. Well, earlier I was doing that kind of stuff through 「run」 and command line tools, so… as soon as I rewrite my code you'll possibly see some bug reports. But that takes time :) 03:26
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MadcapJake Anyone interested in joining (i.e., helping grow) the Perl 6 Slack community? Get an invite here: perl6.bestforever.com/ 03:28
azawawi im learning imagemagick as i wrap more OO sugar around it :)
MadcapJake: what's that?
MadcapJake: and hi :)
MadcapJake hi!
It's a new communication tool that some other languages/devs use: slack.com 03:29
llfourn m: say :("foo") ~~ :("bar") 03:30
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«True␤»
llfourn :S
MadcapJake I created one for Perl 6 as a community to grow adoption and it really has some cool features (unfortunately no Slack evalbot yet) 03:31
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AlexDaniel MadcapJake: if you bridge it to IRC then perhaps you can filter messages with m: and other commands 03:32
MadcapJake: this way camelia will reply to your bot
Hotkeys is there a hash type in which order matters?
MadcapJake AlexDaniel: yeah I can, I'll need to make a bot for that too, so I was thinking making a server app that does both
plus current evalbot is written in Perl 5 :) 03:33
AlexDaniel MadcapJake: that would mean rewriting camelia, which is probably not cool
azawawi MadcapJake: joined 03:34
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MadcapJake azawawi++ 03:34
03:36 danzulla joined
MadcapJake AlexDaniel: yeah it would be, but I was thinking I'd write it in Perl 6 and using supplies and taps. Zoffix wrote an irc bot tutorial that will help too. 03:36
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danzulla oh perl6 is actually working nowadays? 03:37
sortiz timotimo, The bug reduces to "<Type>:U.gist" or "<Type>:D.gist", will give a try.
MadcapJake o_0
danzulla i used to learn perl5 with chatbots, years ago. i loved it.
MadcapJake it might be slow, but won't know unless i try xD
AlexDaniel danzulla: by “actually working” you mean? 03:38
danzulla i got rakudo and some CPAN stuff that claimed to implement perl6. it never seemed to be "official"
AlexDaniel danzulla: because to me it was “actually working” for a few years now
danzulla but i might have been just a stupid slave to perl online marketing
MadcapJake danzulla: have you used panda yet? 03:39
danzulla nope
what's panda?
MadcapJake oh then you are definitely out of date
panda is the current defacto module installer for rakudo
rakudobrew is the easiest method atm to install a full working suite of moarvm,nqp,rakudo,panda,Task::Star (that last one is a collection of useful modules to get you started) 03:40
danzulla did you guys write anything meaningful in perl6? i'd love to take a look.
MadcapJake modules.perl6.org/ 03:41
danzulla hah
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Juerd danzulla: Yes, I write several kinds of one-off scripts in Perl 6 now. Mostly just to figure out how everything works. 03:41
danzulla: Eventually I expect to use Perl 6 in production, and I want to get to know the language well before that :) 03:42
One issue for me is that we tend to run high traffic web stuff on small and cheap virtual servers, and Perl 6 is still rather memory hungry and slowish. But it's improving. 03:43
danzulla It'd be interesting to see some Perl6 job offerings.
03:43 Sgeo left
Juerd A simple script taking 300 MB of memory is a problem for me, given that most of the "machines" I work with, have 512 MB of RAM :) 03:44
danzulla @Juerd: Is Perl6 JIT or is there an Ahead of Time compiler as in Google Go already?
Or is somebody working on it?
That's what I really like about Go. 03:45
Juerd danzulla: I'm not familiar with the details but I believe Perl 6 has a JIT.
AlexDaniel it has JIT, but a bunch of optimizations are done without JIT :) 03:46
danzulla @Juerd: Seems like you have some experience with Perl6 on VMs. Which is useful.
Juerd danzulla: Not really, I've only used Perl 6 on my own computer so far
AlexDaniel danzulla: that being said, some things are relatively slow right now. 2016 is supposed to be a big year for Perl 6 speed 03:47
danzulla: earlier efforts were focused on other things
e.g. getting things to work correctly
Juerd Or getting things to work at all :)
Good night everyone :) 03:48
z &
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sortiz m: Int:D.gist 04:03
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Method 'shortname' not found for invocant of class 'Perl6::Metamodel::DefiniteHOW'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/3vJXmqV_i_ line 1␤␤»
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llfourn sortiz: mmm probably worth RTing 04:07
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geekosaur I thought that was in response to the earlier RT 04:08
llfourn I havae no idea
sortiz llfourn, I have a proposed patch, PRing :)
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llfourn sortiz: nice! 04:09
geekosaur mm, no, that was in here, not an RT
so it probably should be
danzulla, brrt has been working on JIT for moarvm
sortiz llfourn, Now in PR#701 04:12
llfourn sortiz: you might want to write a test or two like is Str:D.gist,'Str:D' in roast 04:13
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sortiz llfourn, I'll search for the proper place. 04:15
skids BTW, anyone know how to send a PR when you have write access? Sometimes I don't want to push roast tests just leave a PR to accompany the rakudo PR. 04:17
Hotkeys is there a better way to write this i.imgur.com/85ap9tV.png
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Hotkeys er 04:17
pretend that's a hash
llfourn skids: same as usual just push to your roast branch 04:18
your roast fork*
skids Last time I tried that I think it auto-merged the PR when I made it. Maybe I a miremembering. 04:19
llfourn sortiz: I think S04-declrations/smiley.t is a good place
skids m: if 42 -> $a { say $a }
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«42␤»
skids Hotkeys: ^^
llfourn skids: well I have write and I do it all the time :) github.com/perl6/roast/pull/100
skids Maybe I'll try again sometime with something harmless 04:22
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llfourn after googling it looks like there is no automerging feature maybe someone just had a trigger merge finger 04:24
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Hotkeys skids: I decided to do it this way, is this reasonable i.imgur.com/GEk2H4i.png 04:26
skids Hotkeys: sure, if die is what you want. You'd use the if block if you anticipate wanting to edit before/after the call to yaml2qtree while still knowing it is defined. 04:29
Hotkeys die is what I want I'd say, this is just a script that takes a yaml file formatted a certain way 04:30
so if it isn't formatted right it might as well die
formatted right -> isn't a tree
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Hotkeys er 04:34
is a tree
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Hotkeys any idea what might be going on here i.imgur.com/mPWbcd1.png 04:50
I feel like one of the signatures totally matches 04:51
skids The signature :(Hash %h) means a Hash of Hashes. 04:53
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Hotkeys oh 04:53
how do I do a hash of anythings
skids Do you really care that it is a Hash, or will any Associative do?
Hotkeys multi yaml2qtree (Hash %h) { ... } is what the declaration looks like 04:54
I assumed it meant it took a hash
skids just :(%h) will take any Associative, which is probably good enough.
Hotkeys ah
geekosaur % already means hash (or at leasr Associative)
Hotkeys okay
great thanks, all is working now 04:56
skids (Note that Array @a is also an Array of Arrays)
Hotkeys Right I did that too 05:00
i.imgur.com/BRQOTE5.png woo
it isn't much 05:01
but it's the first thing I've actually used perl 6 for besides various programming puzzles etc.
skids congrats :-)
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llfourn does anyone know what this nqp::scwbenable() means? 05:09
skids I am guessing "serialization context write barrier"
llfourn skids: thanks. What's a write barrier? 05:10
skids It's a mechanism to keep data syncronized between threads.
llfourn ah ok. I guess that's all I need to know :) 05:11
Hotkeys skids: yep you're right 05:12
just did a quick scouring of the repo
first to figure out the wb and then the sc 05:13
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azawawi pasteboard.co/1dOtczQb.png # like 95% of the effects done in Perl 6 :) 05:58
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AlexDaniel m: my @l; if True { my @l.push: 42 } 06:27
camelia ( no output )
AlexDaniel just had this in my code…
now I'm wondering, how does it work? 06:28
m: my @l; if True { my @l.push: 42; say @l }; say @l
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«[42]␤[]␤»
AlexDaniel so I can decleare variables like this??
declare* 06:29
m: my @l.push: 42; say @l
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«[42]␤»
llfourn apparently!
AlexDaniel O_o 06:30
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AlexDaniel what's the practical use for this? 06:32
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AlexDaniel “Error in `/home/alex/.rakudobrew/moar-nom/install/bin/moar': double free or corruption (fasttop): 0xec9d8eb0” – woops! 06:38
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sortiz AlexDaniel, A declaration is a term and can be used as such: 06:56
m: say: class A { has $.a; }.new(:a<3>).a
camelia ( no output )
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[Tux] test 22.663 07:17
test-t 12.419
07:21 milwaukee joined
milwaukee o/ all, I must be doing something seriously wrong cause I've run into something I can't find anything about online. 07:24
~/.radukobrew has disappeared from all of my shells. Thunar and Emacs can browse it just fine, but bash and zsh both cannot cd into it for whatever reason. 07:25
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FROGGS o/ 07:46
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FROGGS donaldh++ # rakudo/pull/697 07:53
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ecocode hi. Which module should I use to read/write to a serial device ? I need to be able to specify parity/baudrate.. 08:10
kurahaupo listens intently, wanting an answer to the same question. posix-something.tcsetattr perhaps? 08:12
08:12 AlexDaniel left
cosimo I should think about porting Device::Modem to perl6 perhaps :) 08:13
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ecocode cosimo: that would help me :) 08:59
porting Device::SerialPort would be sufficient though 09:01
masak good antenoon, #perl6 09:02
yoleaux 01:55Z <ely-se> masak: I started working on the type concatenative thing again, got the arity part of type inference working now: gist.github.com/rightfold/9e9ba03a...js-L38-L53
02:04Z <ely-se> masak: well, to some extent :p
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masak ely-se: wow, cool 09:02
cosimo ecocode: of course, Device::SerialPort does the real work there. How could I forget? :)
ecocode I've checked Device::SerialPort and there is some XS code envolved :/ 09:03
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cosimo ecocode: yeah, not the easiest beast to deal with 09:04
ecocode I wish I had the knowledge to port it
RabidGravy ecocode, gwan do it, saves me from doing it 09:06
ecocode I wrote a perl5 app to scrape info from the net and from custom serial devices. I used anyevent for the event loop, but perl6 promises looks so much nicier to handle async
hmmm.. Device::SerialPort isn't listed on github.com/perl6/perl6-most-wanted...modules.md ! 09:08
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RabidGravy a lot of the XS in Device::SerialPort is just a wrapper to deal with certain cross platform issues, however because Perl 6 doesn't have fcntl, ioctl or a raw open there would be more NativeCall code 09:09
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RabidGravy still, not too difficult if one is sufficiently motivated 09:11
ecocode :)
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pmurias hi 10:06
my JavaScript backend for Rakudo grant application is up for community review: [Act: 1] 10:07
10:08 espadrine_ is now known as espadrine
llfourn pmurias: another one? 10:08
arnsholt No, another compiler 10:09
AFAIK pmurias has been working on a JS backend for NQP only so far
FROGGS "Improve the JavaScript backend from handling NQP (Not Quite Perl) to full Perl 6." 10:11
El_Che can someone point to the latest rakudo rc?
llfourn anyway ++ from me, I wasn't sure because I thought I saw one like this a month ago
FROGGS El_Che: rakudo.org/downloads/rakudo/ 10:13
El_Che ah, ok, I was under the impression that there was a RC2 10:17
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FROGGS El_Che: I did a rakudo star RC2 10:25
10:27 pmurias joined
pmurias llfourn: you might have seen a pre-submission draft of the grant proposal ;) 10:28
llfourn pmurias: ah that explains it. Anyway this time I will read it. pmurias++ 10:29
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iH2O great room lol 11:02
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iH2O :) 11:08
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RabidGravy What is "No concretization found for Foo" trying to tell me? 11:47
El_Che my $p = run 'false'; say $p.exitcode; $p = run 'false', :out; say $p.exitcode 11:48
m: my $p = run 'false'; say $p.exitcode; $p = run 'false', :out; say $p.exitcode
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«run is disallowed in restricted setting␤ in sub restricted at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 1␤ in sub run at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 14␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/OHwB4sTs5s line 1␤␤»
El_Che ok
it output 1 and 0
donaldh pwd
moritz El_Che: at the very least you must close $p.out
donaldh ahem
El_Che moritz: sure, if you like explosions 11:49
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El_Che $p = run 'false', :out; $p.out.close -> boom 11:49
The spawned process exited unsuccessfully (exit code: 1)
11:51 iH2O left
El_Che that seems to be by design, but it results in a chicken-and-egg problem: no way to check the exitcode 11:51
11:52 ely-se joined
ely-se hello world 11:52
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jnthn ely-se: And if you try $p.out.close, then look at $p.exitcode? 11:54
El_Che: ^^
El_Che jnthn: boom
jnthn The try fails to catch the exception?
El_Che now building rc1, but I don't think it has changed
in summary: an run fail (non zero) will: 11:55
- closing out: boom
- checking exitcode without closing out == 0
of course you can wrap stuff with try-catch blocks, but you will never be able to get the correct exitcode 11:56
(in case the application uses relevant exitcode, pretty common in unix)
jnthn El_Che: You still don't seem to have tried why I suggested. 11:57
El_Che ok, rereading what you wrote
RabidGravy it does fail irrespective of a try 11:58
jnthn OK, that's very odd.
What is $p.out.close doing that's not catchable?!
RabidGravy the Pipe seems otherwise okay 11:59
El_Che because p6 is still lacking modules, shelling out will be pretty common in the beginning. Hence my whining :)
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nine nine@sunshine:~> perl6 -e 'my $p = run "false", :out; $p.out.close; CATCH { default { say "cought" } }' 12:01
cought 12:02
Looks fine to me?
jnthn nine: Does this work for you: `my $p = run "false", :out; try $p.out.close; say $p.exitcode`
El_Che nine: my point is not that it isn't catchable. But that the exitcode is lost
12:02 Guest55981 left
RabidGravy the Proc status is set by .close from the return from nqp::closefh_i which appears to crap out in some uncatchable way 12:04
leont is confused, why would it need to throw an exception 12:05
jnthn RabidGravy: Yeah, managed to reproduce that here too
Very odd
12:05 bowtie_ joined
RabidGravy and closefh_i is a straight up moar op so I'll stop looking there 12:08
12:09 Skarsnik joined
Skarsnik Hello 12:09
El_Che \o/ (for the reproducible part) 12:10
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Skarsnik When changing somehting in src/core/ I have to make again? 12:24
FROGGS Skarsnik: just 'make install' 12:25
no configure needed, unless you add files to src/, which also means you need to add stuff to the Makefile.in files for moar and jvm 12:26
Skarsnik I am changing how Usage display stuff for main. Like put the slurpy at the end instead of before the positionnal 12:27
FROGGS yeah, just make install 12:28
Skarsnik because foo --a --b [...slurpy] hello bar
make no sense
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Skarsnik Also I want to change the order of display for the arguments help. it use a hash so it's displayed in a 'random' order. should I sort like by alphebetic order or keep the order in MAIN signature? 12:32
12:32 perlawhirl joined
moritz either makes sense 12:32
and either is better than random ordering 12:33
Skarsnik I should look at the spec x)
perlawhirl El_Che: it's not much consolation for proc that exit without sending anything to stderr... but for ones that do, you catch :err and check for output, ie: run('proc', :out, :err); if $proc.err.lines { ... } 12:35
12:35 st_iron joined
perlawhirl thats how i've worked around it. 12:35
st_iron hi
Skarsnik whelp there is nothing x)
gfldex m: say "Hi st_iron!" 12:39
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Hi st_iron!␤»
Skarsnik ah interesting Pod error? sub MAIN( $hello #= the hello arg the doc get attached to MAIN and not hello 12:40
st_iron m: say "Greetings!"
camelia rakudo-moar a5fe34: OUTPUT«Greetings!␤»
jnthn Skarsnik: What if you put the , after $hello ? 12:41
jnthn vaguely recalls the attachment code being in the actino run when parameter is reduced, but we won't have considered the parameter full parsed at that point.. 12:42
Skarsnik sub MAIN( $hello, #= the hello arg do the same 12:43
If I put on the next line it work
it just surprised me x) 12:44
Usage: testmain.p6 [--all] [--define-enum=<Str>] <header-file> [<gccoptions> ...] Ok that definitly better at least 12:45
jnthn Skarsnik: Yeah. It may be fixable by moving the attachment logic to param_var. hoelzro is probably the person "in the know" about this :) 12:48
12:51 kjs_ left
Skarsnik hm, how I can keep a hash (or some an eqv) that keep an ordered based on insertion? 12:52
and my english is aweful today 12:55
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st_iron maybe a stupid idea, but you can put keys in an array 13:00
that's ordered
Skarsnik Yes, actually I can maybe use a array of Pair
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Skarsnik m: my @tab; for ^10 {my $k = ("a".."z").pick; @tab.push($k => $_); say $k }; for @tab -> $v { say $v.key, $v.value} 13:06
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hoelzro_ Skarsnik: hmm...interesting bug; I'm surprised roast didn't catch that 13:24
jnthn is right; attaching docs to params is a bit odd