flussence ! 00:00
Skarsnik It should be in the next release
ShimmerFairy m: say Perl.new
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Perl 6 (6.c)␤»
masak m: say Perl.old
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Method 'old' not found for invocant of class 'Perl'␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/Bb0QZUlVkM line 1␤␤»
masak aww :)
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flussence flussence goes off to fix up a few now-dead SSL certs on my LAN because I'm really lazy with specifying dates... 00:05
gfldex is there introspection for nodal-ness?
m: say .name, ' ', .?nodal for List.^methods 00:08
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«from-iterator Nil␤from-slurpy Nil␤from-slurpy-onearg Nil␤from-slurpy-flat Nil␤new Nil␤to Nil␤from Nil␤sum Nil␤fmt Nil␤reification-target Nil␤iterator Nil␤Seq True␤sink Nil␤STORE Nil␤eager Nil␤Capture Nil␤FLATTENABLE_LIST Nil…»
gfldex there is :)
[Coke] RT: 1,147; JVM: 44; weird: 13; nom: 34; glr: 6 00:10
ZoffixWin How do I represent the "null character" in a regex? <[\0]> ain't it 00:12
RabidGravy Happy new year fromGMT+0.0001 :)
ZoffixWin m: say '0' ~~ /<[\0]>/ 00:13
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「0」␤»
grondilu Happy new year guys (France here, 1am)
ZoffixWin m: say '0' ~~ /<[\[0]]>/
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling /tmp/uDj_0AwG2k␤Unable to parse expression in metachar:sym<assert>; couldn't find final '>' ␤at /tmp/uDj_0AwG2k:1␤------> 3say '0' ~~ /<[\[0]7⏏5]>/␤ expecting any of:␤ term␤»
ZoffixWin -_-
RabidGravy, HNY
[Coke] m: say "\0" ~~ / "\0" /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「␀」␤»
[Coke] ^^
ZoffixWin m: say "\0" ~~ / <-["\0"]> / 00:14
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Potential difficulties:␤ Quotes are not metacharacters in character classes␤ at /tmp/PFSqEC6CRH:1␤ ------> 3say "\0" ~~ / <-["\7⏏050"]> /␤ Repeated character (") unexpectedly found in character class␤ at /tmp/PFSqEC6CRH:1␤ …»
ZoffixWin [Coke], I need to do a <-[\0\n\r]> where \0 is the null byte
ShimmerFairy m: say "\0" ~~ / < \0 > /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Nil␤»
ShimmerFairy m: say "\0" ~~ / <[\c@]> / 00:15
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「␀」␤»
ZoffixWin :o
ShimmerFairy ZoffixWin: ^^^ looks like you can use \c@ , at least :)
ZoffixWin ShimmerFairy, what sorcery is that?
ShimmerFairy m: say "\0" ~~ / \0 /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「␀」␤»
RabidGravy being about five miles east of Greenwich and all
ShimmerFairy Looks like \0 only doesn't work in character classes, who knows why.
timotimo \x00?
ZoffixWin m: say "\0" ~~ / <-[\x00]> /
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«Nil␤»
ZoffixWin m: say "f" ~~ / <-[\x00]> / 00:16
camelia rakudo-moar 2ae0df: OUTPUT«「f」␤»
ZoffixWin timotimo++
ShimmerFairy ZoffixWin: \c followed by a single character is like the ^J syntax you see in terminals, e.g. \cJ -> ^J -> LF . No clue why I reached for that first, instead of \x00 :P
hobbs H^@e^@l^@l^@o^@ ^@f^@r^@o^@m^@ ^@W^@i^@n^@d^@o^@w^@s ^@N^@T^@ 00:18
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ShimmerFairy (worth noting that \c[ doesn't work to get \e, since the left bracket will be seen as introducing something long to \c, e.g. \c[13,10] or \c[DIGIT ZERO] ) 00:20
00:21 kaare_ left 00:22 devop left 00:27 llfourn joined 00:28 ZoffixWin is now known as Zoffix_WithUnder, Zoffix_WithUnder is now known as ZoffixWin 00:29 cbk__ left 00:30 Quety joined
Quety Hello #perl6, happy new year ! 00:30
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Quety I've a little question : what's your IDE for Perl6 on Linux ? 00:31
ZoffixWin Quety, Atom
I'm hoping Sublime Text 2 will eventually get a proper highlighter, because I hate Atom
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Quety I'm in the same case that you ZoffixWin : I like Sublime but the highlight for perl6 is just horrible 00:32
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masak guess you have to lobby the Sublime Text people somehow 00:33
must be hard, this liking-closed-source-editors thing :P
ZoffixWin I don't think the P6 highligher is written as them
And that part *is* opensource. I just don't wanna fix it :P 00:34
masak I can sort of understand that
so... maybe 2016 is the year of vim, too? :D
'night, #perl6
ZoffixWin night
vim is for masochists :) 00:35
Quety Gute nacht masak ! :)
hobbs every year is the year of vim. 00:37
RabidGravy Quety, my IDE is Linux ;-)
hobbs 2016 might be the year of neovim :) 00:38
ShimmerFairy We really need some kind of editor that's like emacs, but Perl 6 instead of elisp :D
hobbs pmac6.
RabidGravy ZoffixWin, I've used vi for thirty years I can't fix how my brain works now
Hotkeys I use atom cause it's pretty decent and I'm a windows pleb 00:39
Quety Or there is Padre...
RabidGravy look forward to a working perl 6 port
Hotkeys is there a perl 6 linter yet for atom
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ShimmerFairy Quety: true, but I vastly prefer "text editors" over fancy IDE-ish things; I also would like to see an editor as extensible as emacs, but with a different language. (If I were crazy enough...) :) 00:41
blub i cant wait for guilemacs on hurd 00:43
RabidGravy you see I've been exposed to emacs almost as long as vi but I never cleaved to it, don't know why, maybe in a hundred years someone will right a paper on it
geekosaur they exist, or existed. most of the ones I know of went commercial and died
(brief/crisp, epsilon, some editor that borland bought) 00:44
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geekosaur the 00:45
Hotkeys I tried to use vim when I had my brief affair with linux
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geekosaur (still around although who knows how maintained it is. also, probably only of interest to a certain class of geek >.> ) 00:45
Hotkeys but then I went back to windows because I was using arch and arch is annoying
RabidGravy there was an editor with the old commercial watcom C distribution that did vi/emacs personalities died twenty years ago 00:46
ShimmerFairy RabidGravy: I use vim for quick in-terminal edits of stuff, but I can't imagine using it for serious editing :P 00:47
Hotkeys vim is good for serious editing especially if you make it all fancy-like
add the nerd tree 00:48
get powerline up in there
or not
if you like plain vim
ShimmerFairy I dunno, the fact that a text editor needs to be put in a special mode to edit text makes me doubtful... :P
lucs ShimmerFairy: For me, what you said, but s/vim/vi/ and s/it for/anything but Vim for/ 00:49
RabidGravy I'm quite happy with a plain old vi if it isn't the sun one
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lucs (my Vim is kinda very very customized after 15 years of tweaking) 00:50
ShimmerFairy Really, I like emacs (and I like lisp languages too!), it's just that I suspect a really good Perl 6 major mode needs a P6 parser to be really good :)
(also, it'd be incredibly interesting to see how P6 handles in a situation like "be a text editor") 00:51
TimToady > p6 'say so "\0" ~~ /<[\0]>/'
was an nqp bug 00:52
ShimmerFairy TimToady: ah, I had a feeling it was a bug, since it was only character classes that didn't like it :)
geekosaur (I should install THE for old times' sake, unfortunately my rexx has probably bitrotted beyond usefulness)
ShimmerFairy ZoffixWin: ^^^ turns out you should've been able to use \0 :)
TimToady spectesting before committing though 00:53
TimToady hopes nobody put in a test for the faulty behavior... 00:54
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.oO(if TimToady is always right (Rule #1), and roast is _the_ definition of v6.c, what happens when they disagree?)
TimToady that's what Rule #2 is for :)
timotimo evening TimToady 00:57
ShimmerFairy :)
timotimo and hi ShimmerFairy
TimToady well, we got through S05, which is a good sign
ShimmerFairy hai timotimo o/
btw, it's incredibly weird that "the test is wrong; just fix it" is no longer an option [without a language update] :) 00:58
RabidGravy you lot are all "west of Greenwich" now right?
timotimo timotimo is east of greenwich 00:59
RabidGravy and probably furter than Deptford or Rotherhithe
ShimmerFairy RabidGravy: We're all both, I think, but I'm at least on the west coast of the US :)
RabidGravy timotimo++
timotimo um, why do i get ++'d? 01:00
RabidGravy because
I can take it back if it makes you uncomfortable ;-)
timotimo hah 01:01
no, it's fine
i'm going to do a bit more stuff tonight
likely going to give a reason for ++ing me
dalek ast: 1417783 | TimToady++ | S05-metasyntax/charset.t:
test that \0 works inside cclasses

p: d86a422 | TimToady++ | src/QRegex/P6Regex/ (2 files):
entry for \0 was missing in character classes

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cygx o/ 01:04
so, let's check if we've managed to hit the Ballmer peak today ;) 01:05
RabidGravy timotimo, you're going to sneak in and work out why this gdbm binding is segfaulting? nice one ;-) 01:06
dalek kudo/nom: c6cb07e | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
1st NPQ bump ever for official Perl 6 :)

TimToady er, *NQP
RabidGravy cygx, dunno about Ballmer but I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near software 01:07
ZoffixWin TimToady, you had one job!
Happy New Year everyone :D
RabidGravy TimToady :-* 01:08
ZoffixWin, and you :-*
flussence merry christmas to everyone in UTC-192
timotimo RabidGravy: i don't even know what gdbm is 01:09
ShimmerFairy part of me wishes v6.🎄 would be a valid literal Version :P
flussence gdbm is a hash-oriented database thing
RabidGravy it's a thing, store shit on disk at your behest
timotimo ah, hm 01:10
RabidGravy oh what flussence said
flussence tl;dr: disk-backed %es
I might be wrong but I *think* that's why perl5's tying feature exists... 01:11
TimToady m: say so "\0" ~~ /<[\0]>/
camelia rakudo-moar c6cb07: OUTPUT«True␤»
RabidGravy got me totally baffled to the extent I'm ignoring it
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herby__ Good evening, everyone! 01:12
timotimo hello herby__
RabidGravy there's an off by one error in the hash function but I can't work out how I could cause it
herby__ \o 01:13
lichtkind hai herby 01:14
perigrin flussence: I don't think you're wrong. I doubt strongly it exists because "crack" ... which is the only other explanation I have for it. 01:15
RabidGravy flussence, to the extent that it was a generalisation of the earlier (s|g|n)dbm functionality yes - TimToady may remember the history better 01:16
TimToady that was one reason for tie, yes
but I rarely do things for one reason 01:17
it was also to build an OO bridge to traditionally non-OO variables
perigrin perigrin puts that deep in the "crack" category and claims he was right. 01:18
RabidGravy and stuff
herby__ anyone doing any html parsing yet with Perl 6?
Skarsnik Yes, with Gumbo and XML
RabidGravy perigrin, where on the Westbrook-Thompson scale though? 01:19
Skarsnik herby_, skarsnik-stuff.blogspot.fr/2015/11/...nt-to.html
and really good night #perl6 this time x)
RabidGravy have fun sweety 01:20
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perigrin RabidGravy: I'm ... not sure. I think it's about a 5 on the Bristol Stool Scale though. 01:21
RabidGravy I'm going around Keith Richards myself 01:22
also it allowed some nut-job to write a Linux filsystem in Perl back when fuse was young and fresh 01:23
perigrin acutally there are still nutjobs who do that. 01:24
RabidGravy cool
perigrin github.com/xantronix/Filesys-POSIX # warning Perl5.
She's one of hte nicer nutjobs I've met.
RabidGravy the looniest are the nicest 01:26
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timotimo timotimo is rewriting the hyper/race code to be a bit less convoluted 01:32
so the fix can actually perhaps land this time :)
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RabidGravy as far as I'm concerbed the hyper/race stuff is in got sacrificing territory so you're cool 01:34
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timotimo :) 01:38
yeah, i guess i'm cool
i wouldn't mind if compiling rakudo would become 2x faster again :) 01:39
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RabidGravy just doing a half hour of seventies disco music then bed 01:47
timotimo heh. 01:48
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RabidGravy actually no I'm thoroughly ratted, catch you all later. TimToady++ # for superhuman engagement. Love you all. 01:51
timotimo gnite RabidGravy :)
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herby__ Any recommended reading on creating simple parsers? I'd like to create a simple (if there is such a thing) HTML parser 01:55
I have a basic grasp on programming
and I know thats a very broad question :)
I'm just not sure where to start
01:57 RabidGravy left
timotimo hm 01:58
have you ever worked with PEG parsers or something? 01:59
or perl6 grammars/rules and such?
herby__ nope. I've lightly touched on grammars. Maybe I should start on a simpler parser than HTML?
I'm just trying to think of a simple, useful project to tackle with Perl 6
beyond hello world
i guess I could take a look at some popular Perl 5 modules, and try to recreate in Perl 6? 02:00
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cygx night o/ 02:08
02:08 cygx left 02:10 ggoebel7 joined, ggoebel7 left
[Coke] herby_: there's a list of wanted modules if you're looking to re-create something. 02:11
timotimo the re-write attempt failed
y'know ... the code isn't *that* terrible 02:12
i'll just merge it
.oO( famous last words... )
oh that reminds me, I better go test that libuv 1.8 branch for brrt++
timotimo that'd be nice, yeah :)
flussence "bash: ./Configure.pl: perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory" -- what the fffffff... 02:14
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flussence oh, it doesn't like it when I do ./Configure.pl, wants perl Configure.pl... 02:14
zacts now that Perl6 and Rakudo christmas are out, what are the current target goals or major areas being focused on with Rakudo? 02:19
timotimo ------> llable ?? $op !! try EVAL "&infix:<$op>"⏏ -> $matcher {
getting this problem while bootstrapping panda
==> Testing File::Find
how come that isn't fixed already? i thought others were using panda successfully? 02:20
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timotimo oh, i might need to nuke my install/ 02:22
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dalek kudo/nom: 20c796c | timotimo++ | src/core/HyperSeq.pm:
hyper now cares about sequence numbers of work

this code wants to get a bit cleaned up. i'm sure the control flow could be a bit less convoluted.
timotimo yes, nuking install helped 02:26
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ZoffixWin zacts, my wild guess would be bug fixes and optimization. 02:46
zacts, the .hyper is buggy and I believe >> operator still doesn't thread
ZoffixWin feels a deja vu seeing "this code wants to get a bit cleaned up." in a commit message -_- 02:47
Seems this line could just read `last unless ...` github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/20...f00956R182
With the if {} condition following it 02:48
zacts oh cool, thanks ZoffixWin
ZoffixWin BTW, my New Years bot crapped out and was reporting wrong times. But it got fixed after I simply restarted it. My slight worry is there might be something wrong with Promises set to execute several hours in the future :( 02:49
(that'd be fun to debug) 02:50
timotimo who's good with graphviz here?
Error: bad label format <0> r2(1) <op> const_s | <1> lits($*CTXSAVE)
^- i'm not sure why this is problematic?
ugexe class Foo { method cache { state %bar }; }; # is there anything wrong with supplying a state variable between all class instances like this? getting a segfault on a longer running process and trying to narrow down the cause 02:51
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timotimo you're not doing threads, are you? 02:52
ugexe no
02:53 kid51 left
timotimo :| 02:54
if you perl6-gdb-m, you should be able to find a frame that has a tc in it and print MVM_dump_backtrace(tc)
that ought to be able to find where that is
also, please try disabling JIT and maybe also spesh 02:55
disabling JIT will give you usable stack traces in gdb
the problem with that label was that a | had gone missing because of a missing | 02:59
... 03:00
because of a missing "flat"
cdn.rawgit.com/mountainstorm/jquer.../demo.html pretty! 03:02
github.com/mountainstorm/jquery.graphviz.svg - this is what it belongs to
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lucs I named a sub in my code "run"; how can I call the P6 'run' from within it? 03:10
timotimo CORE::<&run> for example
lucs Aha, thanks. 03:11
timotimo m: say &CORE::('run')()
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«Too few positionals passed; expected at least 1 argument but got only 0 in sub-signature of parameter @args␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/UjwWaF6zkZ line 1␤␤»
timotimo m: say &CORE::('run')(1)
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«Proc.new(in => IO::Pipe, out => IO::Pipe, err => IO::Pipe, exitcode => -1, pid => Any, signal => 254)␤»
timotimo m: run(1)
camelia rakudo-moar 20c796: OUTPUT«run is disallowed in restricted setting␤ in sub restricted at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 1␤ in sub run at src/RESTRICTED.setting line 14␤ in block <unit> at /tmp/IS31QSRzby line 1␤␤»
timotimo oh ... crap :)
restricted setting, you're so weak
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timotimo otherwise, OUTER:: would probably be less presumptuous 03:14
lucs timotimo: Gotcha (reading up in S02). Thanks. 03:15
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ugexe you could also `sub run(|c) { say "xxx"; Proc.new.spawn(|c); }; run("ls");` 03:23
i guess that doesnt set all the parameters though 03:25
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timotimo rc-forest-fire-stringify 103/s 44/s 03:28
1.0x 2.4x
reduce_range 51537997/s 24658809/s
1.0x 2.1x
slowdowns from 2015.11 to 2015.12
i wonder what that could be caused by
SUMMARY SCORE 100.0 95.3 03:29
deep_scan_for_interpolated_string_var 1412/s 1206/s
1.0x 1.2x
also perhaps interesting?
flussence flussence goes to figure out how hard it'd be to make a half-decent --setting=SANDBOX using seccomp
dalek rl6-bench: 60ee6e4 | timotimo++ | bench:
exploded timings have to be appended, not pushed

autarch the doc site is all static HTML so why is it so slow to return pages? 03:31
sometimes it takes a second or two to return a page which seems really odd
is this running on a Raspberry Pi in TimToady's basement?
flussence they're all loading in ~500ms for me
timotimo autarch: it's our new donated p6c.org server 03:32
it should be rather snappy