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leont This thing where people keep using p5 prove in p6 land is … disappointing. 13:39
lizmat fwiw, it's been a while since I tried it 14:07
what is the invocation again to make "make spectest" use prove6 ?
leont HARNESS_TYPE=6 make spectest 14:15
lizmat leont++
leont Though my main concern is people using prove5 when developing p6 modules. 14:17
zef can use either depending on availability, mi6 and assixt shell out to prove5 (I will PR mi6 soon) 14:19
And I've seen references to developers using bulky aliases like alias 6prove="PERL6LIB=lib prove -e perl6", and that soon will have to be "PERL6LIB=lib prove --ext t --ext t6 -e perl6" 14:21
lizmat Original exception: 14:22
too many open files
An operation first awaited: 14:23
in sub MAIN at t/harness6 line 94
in block <unit> at t/harness6 line 26
leont Sounds like bitrot :-/
lizmat sounds to me something(s) aren't being closed
lizmat checks for repeatability 14:24
leont Essentially all IO is Proc::Async, which doesn't have a close method. 14:25
lizmat hmmm.... 14:26
leont If something has to be closed, I wouldn't know where in my code that could happen
lizmat good point
leont Also, I don't remember seeing that error previously (though I haven't tried in a while), so that's smelling like a regression in rakudo/moarvm
lizmat yeah, repeatable 14:27
b2gills To close Proc::Async you close all of the handles 15:26
lizmat b2gills: and how do you do that? $proc.stdout.tap.close ? 15:42
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leont That would certainly need to be documented 16:27
But it still doesn't make sense to me. The pipe should be closed automatically on EOF. Keeping it open never makes sense. 17:08
lizmat fwiw, I agree :-) 17:10
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b2gills proc.stdout.close 17:33
lizmat b2gills: No such method 'close' for invocant of type 'Proc::Async::Pipe' 17:34
b2gills Actually proc.stdin.close usually is enough for the program to terminate
lizmat you probably meant: proc.stdout.tap.close ?
b2gills Maybe its Proc I'm thinking fo 17:35
lizmat that's nowadays a shim for Proc::Async
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