31 Oct 2019
AlexDaniel ggoebel AlexDaniel HarmtH tyil[m] sivoais maggotbrain epony tony-o ccamel robertle Geth_ hoelzro discord6 timotimo chansen_ eater masak kawaii literal TimToady jnthn nine Ulti commavir krunen mst klapperl SmokeMachine tailgate 23:39
Hello?! :) It'd be nice to empty this channel, so please reconfigure your IRC clients to join #raku-dev and not join #perl6-dev. Thanks!
1 Nov 2019
travis-ci Rakudo build failed. Elizabeth Mattijsen 'Implement a .raku method placeholder for now 14:40
travis-ci.org/rakudo/rakudo/builds/605996342 github.com/rakudo/rakudo/compare/9...f73de0d47f
jnthn Hmm, maybe a problem for release: I can't build Rakudo HEAD on Windows (MSVC toolchain) 21:40
ah, #raku-dev :)
14 Nov 2019
AlexDaniel nine masak epony ccamel maggotbrain DrForr HarmtH Guest13443 tony-o chansen_ eater kawaii literal TimToady commavir krunen mst tailgate 20:30
please stop joining this channel and join #perl6-dev instead :)
I mean #raku-dev, of course 20:31
18 Nov 2019
Guest13443 .seen AlexDaniel 14:08
tellable6 Guest13443, I saw AlexDaniel 2019-11-17T19:44:12Z in #raku-dev: <AlexDaniel> I'm optimistic :)
AlexDaniel ?
Guest13443 A question about the release
AlexDaniel Guest13443: can you configure your irc client to join #raku and #raku-dev but not #perl6 and #perl6-dev? :)
pleeaaase :)
4 Dec 2019
travis-ci NQP build failed. Elizabeth Mattijsen 'Bump MoarVM to get nqp::radix fixes + other goodies' 11:40
travis-ci.org/perl6/nqp/builds/620576953 github.com/perl6/nqp/compare/4b3bb...573f5e7fe1
NQP build failed. Elizabeth Mattijsen 'Bump MoarVM to get nqp::radix fixes + other goodies' 12:25
travis-ci.org/perl6/nqp/builds/620576953 github.com/perl6/nqp/compare/4b3bb...573f5e7fe1
26 Dec 2019
[TuxCM] Rakudo version 2019.11-300-gd5a34f19f - MoarVM version 2019.11-99-g7ab23a1b8
csv-ip5xs0.835 - 0.846
csv-ip5xs-206.956 - 7.405
csv-parser43.010 - 43.121
csv-test-xs-200.447 - 0.450
test7.855 - 8.183
test-t1.957 - 2.091
test-t --race0.924 - 1.068
test-t-2033.537 - 33.673
test-t-20 --race10.950 - 11.606
29 Dec 2019
Rakudo version 2019.11-303-g5c65a126c - MoarVM version 2019.11-103-g2ac1fa27f 12:33
30 Dec 2019
Rakudo version 2019.11-307-ga3afde603 - MoarVM version 2019.11-103-g2ac1fa27f 18:12
25 Feb 2020
mkru How to define format of printing for Rat? I would like to do the equivalent of this Python code: print('Python : ' + format(c, '.64f')) 12:00
sprintf("%.2f", 1.969); does not print anything when used in script. 12:01
ohh I need print 12:04