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Set by Zoffix on 27 July 2018.
patrickb vrurg: Ping 00:03
vrurg patrickb: Is it still the same repo/branch? 00:05
patrickb yes, unchanged 00:06
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vrurg Hm, git pull doesn't update. 00:07
patrickb I didn't change anything 00:08
It just worked on my side.
I'm mostly interested on the output `otool -l moar` and `otool -l libmoar.dylib` that might help in finding the cause of why it doesn't work on your side 00:10
vrurg Ok, where can I send the output? 00:12
patrickb vrurg: can you also send me your Makefile? 00:15
vrurg done 00:16
patrickb vrurg: the @moarshared@ config variable is somehow set wrong 00:20
you have no changes in or
Did you pass --no-relocatable to
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patrickz vrurg: I have no idea how you ended up with that Makefile. 00:30
Can you verify you are on commit dcfa5f15a3a8ea8e9683fd9278923028ab99fbe1 00:31
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patrickb vrurg: ^ 00:38
vrurg patrickb: Sorry, I was away. 00:40
I didn't use no-relocable, actually.
patrickb You shouldn't have, so that's good. 00:41
Is the commit ID the same?
I suspect there is some foul git magic at work here... 00:42
vrurg And even worse, I did a clean checkout but forgot to switch branches. My bad!
Doing thins on the run isn't a smart thing...
Unknown option: no-relocable 00:43
The branch is 'reloc' now.
patrickb --no-relocatable
but you shouldn't use it!
vrurg Ah, ok, I did get you wrong then. 00:44
Plain ./ --prefix=../install must work as expected, right? 00:45
patrickb yes
vrurg building.
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vrurg And it works. 00:46
patrickb also when renaming the install folder? 00:47
vrurg Sure, this is what I'm testing for in first place. :)
patrickb Whoot! 00:48
I think then there are no blockers left for my branch!
vrurg If nothing has changed since my last test then something escaped my attention that time. Because I know for sure that it was THE branch and it was the same Configure command line.
patrickb Thank you very much for your help!
vrurg patrickb: welcome! My pleasure! 00:49
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patrickb o/ 01:29
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AlexDaniel samcv: that's it, I think we're ready 02:29
so yeah, Blin doesn't show anything new, Releasable was happy yesterday, canary is green, perl6-j can be built fine 04:48
appveyor is red…
seems like some tests are just flapping 04:51
yeah, well. That sucks, but I don't think that's new… 04:52
samcv: green light from me
samcv AlexDaniel, good morning. i just woke up. though earlier than i expected for whatever reason 05:18
++to all for getting GSoC accepted
SmokeMachine japhb: Red will still have DBIish drivers, but I’ll create new DB::* drivers... 06:11
lizmat: yes, it was... and it was doing CONTROL and CATCH to be sure... 06:14
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|Tux| Rakudo version 2018.12-321-g845433b47 - MoarVM version 2018.12-117-gdcafbc4c7
csv-ip5xs0.757 - 0.764
csv-ip5xs-206.025 - 6.126
csv-parser22.436 - 22.527
csv-test-xs-200.423 - 0.477
test7.400 - 7.415
test-t1.850 - 1.906
test-t --race0.854 - 0.866
test-t-2032.528 - 33.000
test-t-20 --race10.909 - 10.932
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lizmat Files=1267, Tests=88067, 402 wallclock secs (20.91 usr 6.47 sys + 2908.90 cusr 226.65 csys = 3162.93 CPU) 10:17
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japhb SmokeMachine: If you have both installed, how will it pick between them? 15:26
SmokeMachine my idea is defaults to DB::* but if you don't have it installed it tries DBIish... but you can `database "DBIish::SQLite"` or something like that if you wish 15:28
japhb Ah, makes sense. 15:30
SmokeMachine japhb: currently, if you do `database "SQLite"` it will use DBIish and if you do 'database "Pg"` it willl use DB::Pg
s{/`}{/`/} 15:31
japhb Very meta. :-) 15:39
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lucasb hopes a release is approaching 19:13
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AlexDaniel lucasb: yes 22:37
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