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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:44
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brrt ohai nwc10 08:24
timotimo jnthn: have you seen this? i think it's kind of nice to have: 09:03
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lizmat anyone against me bumping nqp and rakudo ? 11:49
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Guest5089 lizmat: go for it :) 12:24
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ugexe moar HEAD is broke on windows, so bumping the version doesn't seem logical 13:12
lizmat ugexe: too late :-( 13:14
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patrickb ugexe: What's the error you get? I managed to build moar on Windows quite recently. I did have to fix up `realclean` again though... 13:21
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timotimo it's a test case where an optimization gives wrong results, right? 13:28
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brrt \o 14:06
ping pamplemousse 14:10
pamplemousse Hello! 14:11
yoleaux 19 May 2019 12:25Z <brrt> pamplemousse: I think the invalid read is the most important thing; because of ASLR you won't always get a segfault
pamplemousse Yep, that's what I tracking down now. Thanks! 14:12
brrt :-) 14:14
Ok, great
have you succeeded at reproducing the bug btw 14:17
pamplemousse I have 14:28
brrt btw... do you have something of a blog, or a twitter account, or whatever, where you can publish your progress 14:29
Most everyone here does, and for me, it's quite a motivation to finish things, so that I can 'brag' about it on my blog :-) 14:30
timotimo i'm just now writing a blog post, but it's turning kind of rambl-y 14:31
pamplemousse I don't, but I can start one
brrt Would be nice
timotimo: I've found that it's often better to just keep writing, and maybe edit it later into something readable, than to just give up 14:32
(which I've done many times)
timotimo true
you can't edit an empty page, after all
ugexe patrickb: you have to run make test for it to fail 14:34
one of the last 4 moarvm commits 14:35
patrickb ugexe: OK. Then it's clear why I didn't notice that problem.
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timotimo who wants to give my post a preview-read to determine if i should reduce the rambleness? 16:06
lizmat would 16:15
and another Perl 6 Weekly hits the Net: 16:37
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pamplemousse__ Still working on #1068. I think I've tracked down the issue to src/io/eventloop.c:299, where there's a comment saying "Not sure we can always do this". 18:42
It looks like the issue has something to do with how threading works between MoarVM and libuv but I'm not super familiar with how those work. Could anyone shed a bit of light on what's going on/give me a few pointers on what I might need to do to fix this?
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brrt \o 20:22
pamplemousse__: I can help a little, I think...
(but I'm limited for time, unfortunately) 20:26
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brrt .tell pamplemousse__ I left notes on the GH issue 20:31
yoleaux brrt: I'll pass your message to pamplemousse__.
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brrt pamplemousse: it's kind of late so I can't give any more notes, unfortunately. My suggestion is to get to a debugger 20:34
also. If you're not feeling like you're making progress, don't feel obligated to complete this
It may be that it is more complicated than I initially estimated... and I don't want to scare you off just yet :-) 20:35
ok, /me afk 20:36
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brrt back for a sec :-) 20:42
pamplemousse brrt: Thanks for the notes, I'll follow up on what you've written there and see if I can make more progress tonight. e
brrt Ok, you're welcome :-) Good luck
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