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brrt \o 09:07
timotimo o/
nwc10 \o 09:08
timotimo tracy is supposedly able to record millions of "zones" per second. we could literally have it record every single allocation in a user's program 09:11
and of course every entry/exit into/from frames, though that requires instrumentation just like the profiler has 09:12
brrt right 09:30
re: C-stack and stack-frame useage;
I think that luajit also uses the C stack, and it also support coroutines
so it shouldn't be impossible to do
then again, luajit is all-the-way assembly 09:31
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timotimo cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557...nknown.png - moarperf showing when objects of a given type got deallocated 11:21
"Extending a Meta-Tracing Compiler to Mix Method and Tracing Compilation" 11:23
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brrt timotimo: moar info pls 14:11
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timotimo brrt, i literally just got that title from a tweet, give me a sec 15:05
twitter.com/fniephaus/status/11129...7221342209 - .@yusuke_izawa presenting his work on "Extending a Meta-Tracing Compiler to Mix Method and Tracing Compilation" at @MoreVMs. #prog19 15:06
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brrt timotimo: that was the conference that I wanted to go but forgot 16:08
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