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dalek arVM/expose-decode-stream: dc52758 | jnthn++ | src/ (3 files):
Implement decodertakeline op.
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dalek arVM/expose-decode-stream: 7be7bf9 | jnthn++ | src/ (3 files):
Implement setting custom decoder separators.
jnthn Phew, 2 more ops :) 15:19
[Coke] cringes 15:21
.oO( dvěops )
[Coke] My Perl was bitten by a møøse once? 15:22
timotimo the people responsible for the møøse biting have been sacked 15:52
when this is finished, i might want to work on JSON::Tiny a bit to make it use that 16:02
since JSON has a weird imagination of what valid input json should be
dalek arVM/expose-decode-stream: 3ac6232 | jnthn++ | src/ (5 files):
Implement basic byte-level decode buffer ops.

Used for when folks want to do crazy things like mixed text and binary I/O (which we do handle already today, and so implement here so we'll be able to use this in eventually brining sync I/O handling over to using the VM-backed decoder API also).
timotimo sorry, i meant JSON::Fast
timotimo we should perhaps also make sure JSON::Tiny and the to_json portions of JSON::Fast don't emit things the JSON spec considers "invalid utf8" and emit surrogates 16:03
dalek arVM: 7a3e7f8 | jnthn++ | / (6 files):
Stub in Decoder REPR.
MoarVM: 7936fa7 | jnthn++ | / (6 files):
MoarVM: Stub in new decoder-related ops.
jnthn Merge :)
timotimo neat.
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timotimo i can get the crash from avuserow fixed by making sure the hint we get in getattr is in bounds. 23:32
i'm not sure if we actually want a bounds check there.