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jnthn heads home tomorrow morning :) 13:31
So the tuit supply should improve soon :)
FROGGS \o/ 13:32
[Coke] jnthn: ++(welcome home) 13:58
jnthn Yes, it'll be nice ot see it again :) 14:12
Juerd To whoever upgraded bash on feather: thanks :) 14:14
Only today I realised I was forgetting these. 14:15
.oO( at least it was easy for pretty much anyone to get in and do it... ;) )
Juerd Nah, I don't think anything with root was susceptible for that. 14:17
Oh, or perhaps something was. bash is still the system shell on feather 14:18
Let's fix that. rm /bin/sh; ln -s dash /bin/sh
feather's going away soon, by the way 14:19
What's the best mailinglist to announce this?
jnthn Juerd: #perl6 is the best IRC channel...many more folks there than here... 14:20
FROGGS and #parrot?
jnthn Ah, true
Of mailing lists, I guess perl6-compiler and perl6-language can't hurt. 14:21
Juerd Okay
My current plan is to switch it off in January and provide a new VPS specifically for those who need it for IRC. 14:22
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8 May 25 2005 /etc/hostname 14:24
Or maybe I shoud keep it running until May 25 2015 so that we can say it ran for 10 years.
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JimmyZ needs it for irc ... 14:52
moritz Juerd: fwiw I think I updated bash on all feathers, but I have lost overview :-) 15:09
jnthn Time for some rest...long day tomorrow... & 15:10
Juerd moritz: Thank you :) 15:12
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brrt \o 20:21
i've calculated the average (geometric mean) speedup caused by moar-jit in it's first release was 30% 20:22
FROGGS nice! 20:23
I had guessed that :o)
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brrt well, i had not. i had imagined there were too many benchmarks on which there would not be a lot of benefit 20:30
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timotimo so ... 21:12
we'll want to make a thread not only block but ideally do work for another thread when it encounters a promise that another thread has created, right?
but what would that look like?
we can't really longjmp into the other's frame or something
and we also can't just call into the other piece of work from await or something similar 21:13
brrt no... that's basically green-threads-over-os-threads 21:14
let your kernel deal with that
make more threads instead
timotimo mhm
brrt we live in 64 bits these days
timotimo so make 2**64 threads 21:15
brrt all sorts of hacks aren't really all that necessary anymore with sufficient address space :-)
that said i don't know how / when threads are created in moarvm 21:21
timotimo i suppose the scheduler code in perl6 land has some nqp op that spawns a thread and gives it a code object to run 21:29
nqp::newthread 21:30
brrt i see 21:34
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