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Xliff I'm having trouble getting the template-location function of Cro::WebApp::Template working. 16:29
How can I debug how this works? 16:30
sena_kun Xliff, can you please specify what kind of trouble do you have? 16:32
Xliff I specify the template-location and the template command never finds them. 16:33
sena_kun Xliff, 1)(it should not affect, but) where is your call to template-location? 2)what if you try absolute path to the directory? 16:35
Xliff I'm callnig template-location in my routes sub. 16:41
Hm. OK.... now they work! LOL. 16:44
sena_kun yay 16:45
Xliff sena_kun: Another thing... adding custom HTML for a field in the form. 16:59
I have a design I'm thinking of. I'm taking inspiration from the "will select" trait.
Something like "will render-field-as" which accepts a callback that will return the markup to be used in that form. 17:00
Callback then takes the current value of the field. 17:01
Soemthing like that.
sena_kun Xliff, sorry, I did not work with forms (yet), so living a useless life here. :( 17:11
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Xliff sena_kun: Can you pass callables into a Cro::WebApp::Template? 18:58
JRaspass I too would like to know that, or perhaps how to make new builtins like `<&HTML>` from raku side rather than templates 22:16
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